The red stamp of La Poste will disappear

On Thursday, July 21, La Poste announced that it had revised its exchange offer at 1Verse January 2023, especially the disappearance of the red stamp that promised one-day delivery, while mail volumes have been falling for years. Specifically, the symbolic red character of Priority letterwhich theoretically makes it possible to send an email for next-day delivery (on D+1), will give way to a new hybrid form called “red letter”.

It will be necessary to send a document, up to three sheets, before 8 pm on the website or from a post office, on an automated machine or with the help of a consultant. The document will be printed near the addressee, placed in an envelope and distributed the next day. “in strict secrecy”The head of the Postal and Parcel Service branch in La Poste, Philippe Dorje, reassured.

This email service will cost €1.49, compared to €1.43 for the current red stamp. It would be a world first, according to La Poste, which has seen traditional mail volumes collapse for several years. “D+1 volumes have been split by 14 since 2008”There are currently 300 million items out of the 7 billion messages La Poste sends each year, explains Mr. Dorje. This is starting to get expensive and affect the environment as the group uses less and less planes, trucks and vans.

Messages with a green character will be delivered within three days

Letters sent with a green stamp, which are most used for daily correspondence, will be distributed in three days instead of two today. Its price will remain unchanged at 1.16 euros for shipments up to 20 grams. This stamp will also be offered next year in digital form, with an eight-character alphanumeric code, sold online for the same price, which you just need to copy on the envelope. “Customers have different expectations today.”explains Philip Doorg, whose services have interviewed 22,000 clients. “There is less need for speed.”

For the most important shipments that require traceability, La Poste will provide a file “Additional turquoise messaging services” Spread over D + 2, with follow-up notifications and fixed compensation in case of significant delays. It will be subtracted from € 2.95, depending on weight.

For overseas shipments, an international message of up to 20 grams costs €1.80 (+9%). Prices for traditional postal parcels sent to France (Colissimo) in parallel will increase by 2.4% over 1Verse January but a package of less than 250 grams will remain at the same price of 4.95 euros. “The impact of new letter pricing on family budgets will be low, if not zero, due to lower mail consumption.”says the general group.

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