The sad story of his eldest son, Daniel, born from his first marriage

Louis de Funes: The sad story of his eldest son, Daniel, born from his first marriage (Photo by Patrice Beko/Jama-Ravo via Getty Images)

On Friday, August 5, 2022, M6 will broadcast a classic: “The Gendarmerie Will Marry”. A cult movie starring the irreplaceable and unforgettable Louis de Funes. If we leave the actor several years ago now, his loved ones continue to keep his memory alive. In particular, by revealing certain aspects of his personality hitherto unknown to the general public. Like his role as a father, which wasn’t always easy to manage…

On January 27, 1983, after suffering a heart attack, Louis de Funes withdrew. France then lost one of its best ambassadors, an outstanding actor with a stunning cinematography as well as brilliant brilliance. Louis de Funes, a favorite French actor whose comedic power remains unrivaled, even years after his death. But behind the success and fashion she hid a man with a strong character and a father caught in the crossfire…

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I’ve been separated for years

Louis de Funes and his wife Jeanne had two sons: Patrick, born in 1944 and Olivier, born in 1949. This story, everyone, or almost, knows well. But what has long been overlooked by the public is the story of the actor’s eldest son, Daniel, born from his love affair with his first wife, Jermaine Carwire. Born in 1937, he was just two years old when his parents separated after just three years of marriage. Louis de Funes departs to live his dreams on the big screen, mother and son staying together. When he marries Jane, tensions rise. In 2011, in his book “Louis de Funès, L’oscar du Cinema”, Daniel looked at his childhood like no other, and at this often absent father. “He lived not far from our apartment. And one day, as he passed our house, he raised his head and I on the porch. He climbed up” as he details in the gala columns.

“Louis came to see me in secret. He brought me two record players to listen to jazz. Without taking any lessons at all, he was a wonderful pianist, an excellent dancer, and a skilled choreographer. Perhaps this side artist gave me.” A complicit relationship…but semi-secret. It’s out of the question to know more about this first child, the oldest son ever. So much so that in 1983, when his father gave his last breath, Daniel de Funes learned the terrible news … on the radio. “I wasn’t notified or invited to the funeral. It hurt! Lewis left nothing for me. It doesn’t matter! I’m still able to live the life I wanted,” he said at the Gala, while noting that he had never seen him before. Two half-brothers Oliver and Patrick again. Daniel de Funes passed away on January 23, 2017, at the age of 79.

A ‘Very Autocratic’ Dad

As for Louis de Funes’ other two sons, their childhoods were completely different. In 2013, he was in a book called Don’t Talk Too Much About Me, Kids! That Patrick and Olivier de Funes recounted their memories of their famous father. With their mother, Jane, and the actor, they lived to the rhythm of the glowing life of the actor, who always still found time to watch his sons. “He was a very tyrannical father, he was very present. He was even boring. He got involved in everything, and he followed closely my medical studies,” said Patrick de Funes in Parisian Columns.

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In Olivier, his youngest son Louis de Funès saw a career on the big screen, as did his own. All means were good to achieve his ends. In 1970, in Serge Korber’s film “The Man of the Orchestra”, he did not hesitate to add a scene on the drum until his son appeared on the screen, who knew how to play it. In total, Olivier will shoot six films with his father. But his happiness in a career as an airline pilot will find it after a few years. In Parisien, Patrick and Olivier returned to the real Louis de Funes, one who was politically “very right”: “If he got along so well with Bourville, he did not like Yves Montand nor his posts. At La Folie des greats, his great happiness was to dine with Gerard Ory… without Yves Montand.”

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