The success of Bordeaux and Bastia, the surprise of Jeanne Laval / League Two / Summary /

After a dull start to the season, Bordeaux took off against Rhodes and found a smile. A similar note to Estia, without pity against Nior. A happiness that Sochaux or Annecy does not yet know, hits a short head on the meadows of Grenoble and Amiens. But the match of the evening took place in Maine, where Laval and Gangnam delighted the audience with even crazier goals.

Valencia 1-0 Le Havre

Target: entourage (13e) for the VAFC

Domination does not win. Despite twenty attempts for HAC, versus just six for VA, it was the Northern Club that left Hino with the win. One pawn, the work of Elias Hamac who sent the ball into the net on the opposite side. As a result, the VAFC temporarily joins the top five while awaiting the duel between Kane and Metz on Monday night.

Grenoble 1-0 Sochaux

Target: Sanyang (32e) for GF38

The cubs no longer roar. Close to returning to Ligue 1 last year, Sochalin is struggling to start his season. They were already silent last week, but this time they lost in the Alpine stadium park, due to the fault of the Abdoli Sanyang Festival after half an hour of play. The rest is the story of a missed penalty: Maxence Prévot first keeps Sochaux on his feet. He rejected Joris Correa’s attempt, but was imitated a few minutes later by Brice Mobleu, who rested on his right to defeat Aldo Calulu. 1-1 among the goalkeepers, but it is Grenoble who leaves with the three points.

Rodez 0-3 Bordeaux

Goals: Ignatenko (4e), Bakua (14 .)eWoody Lima (90 .)e+4) for Girondin
Posted by: Bardy (37 .)e) for the British Royal Air Force

Finally smiling in Bordeaux! Traveling to Rhodes, Girondins perfected the match and won their first Serie B match since 1992. Decisive in the first goal, a clear shot from Danilo Ignatenko, then top scorer in the second after much work by Francesergio, Dylan Pacwa was the man The main offensive line for Bordeaux. They didn’t really worry about their opponents and were helped by Pierre Bardi’s dismissal, warning twice, David Guillon’s men even entitled to have the icing on the cake after the goal, in the last minute, from young Marvin de Lima. Launching the process of colonization of the French League.

Paris FC 2-1 QRM

Goals: Bernauer (6 .)e) and Shahri (33 .)e) for PFC // Pierret (79e) for QRM

If anyone wants to be defined in cold blood, look at Mehdi Al-Shahry’s goal. The player loaned from Racing performed a fiesta by tricking him twice in front of the quiveli cages before pushing the ball into the back of the net. At the moment, the PFC is ahead by two goals since Maxime Bernauer made Charletti shake quickly. A victory without the Parisians shivering, despite a missed penalty from Pierre-Yves Hamel in the second half, his very pivotal attempt blocked by Johan Thuram, and despite the score being reduced (also?) late by Balthasar Peret.

Stade Lavallois 1-2 Guingamp EA

Goals: Gonçalves (5 .)e) for Laval // Barthelemy (56e) and Livolant (74 .)e) for EAG

100% fun for this western duel. As in Rudez, Paris or Neuer, the first goal of the match fell so quickly that five minutes ago was enough for Anthony Gonçalves to open the scoreboard. Returning to Laval, his training club where he stayed until 2016 before spending a few years in Strasbourg and Caen, Gonsalves made Stade Francis Le Passer roar by taking on a superb position from Julien Maguti. Night’s greatest goal? It wouldn’t even be the prettiest of this meeting, Maxime Barthelmé has already launched a wonderful refreshment at the entrance to the Laval District. But that’s nothing compared to this year’s potential pawn in Ligue 2: About forty meters away, Jeremy Levolante sees the skin quietly come to him and draws a stable hemisphere into the opposite skylight. Here it is, the real talent league.

Chamois Norte 1-4 Bastia SC

Goals: Boutaba (82 .)eSP) for chamois // Tavares (1e), Magri (2e24e) and Ndiaye (21e) for sporting

You shouldn’t hang out for an aperitif before going to Stade René-Gaillard on a Saturday evening. Not because getting to the stadium was difficult, but because after only 24 minutes of play, four pawns have already been planted, all registered by Bastia. Forty seconds were enough for Dylan Tavares to start hostilities, and he was imitated a minute later by Frank Magri. An Ajan native sticks a second plum for his chamois twenty minutes later, after seeing his teammate Abdallah Ndiaye participate in the celebration with a header. Only Northez, Bilal Boutoba’s penalty kick, cleared the only one of this double to end up in the net. A week after failing against Laval, Bastia is definitely starting his season.

Amiens 1-0 FC Annecy

Target: Arokodare (82e) for the residents of Amiens

Amiens to experience. Against a rookie Savoyard, Amiens has long lacked success in front of goal, such as a huge waste from Angie Chibuzo who tried his luck against Florian Escalis when two of his teammates scored an open goal alongside him. Picard finally breathes a sigh of relief less than ten minutes after the end of regulation time, the moment chosen by Tolo Arkudari to make his ending speak. Two matches, two defeats: Onsi beats the water.

Pau FC 0-0 Dijon

By Fabian Gillinat

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