The succession war within the European Parliament administration

On the eve of the holiday, excitement reigns in the European Parliament. No legislative work is more intense than usual, but from Conservatives (EPP) to the Radical Left (GUE) across Social Democrats (S&D), Greens or Liberals (Renew), we are urging to try to put its men and women in the highest management positions. Bargaining goes well between different political groups to find an arrangement that suits the majority, even if it means giving the institution a somewhat degraded image.

The prospect of the departure of the German General Secretary, Klaus Welle, close to the CDU-CSU, after thirteen years of unchallenged rule, has put this small world in turmoil and whets the appetite on all sides. The EPP wants to maintain its hold on this highly influential position, which has allowed its current holder to consolidate the power of his political friends in the legislature.

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The Social Democrats think this is their position, while the Conservatives have lost ground everywhere in Europe, especially in Germany, where the CDU-CSU is no longer in government since the departure of Angela Merkel in December 2021.

As for others, they want to take the opportunity to be better represented in a house where S&D and PPE are raining or shining. In this context, the life history of the European Parliament, this July, takes the emergence of house of papera hit series on Netflix set in the secrets of power in Washington.

The EPP alone can do nothing

The story began in January, when Roberta Mezzola was elected President of the Strasbourg Assembly with the support of the European People’s Party, from which she came, from S&D, Renew and, most surprisingly, from the sovereigns of the ECR. Everyone, at the time, is trying to negotiate his support as much as possible. The Greens, who end up presenting their candidate against the Maltese, who are known for their anti-abortion stances, lose in history the position of Vice President who recovers ECR. So much for the first act.

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At the time, in exchange for its support of the conservative Roberta Mezzola, the S&D asked the EPP to head Klaus Welle and one position of its own. Officially, nothing was recorded, but after a few months we learned that the “Prince of Shadows” – so he is called in the Brussels field – will leave his duties on December 31. The second semester can start.

It’s unclear what EPP Group President Manfred Weber and his S&D counterpart, Iratxe Garcia Perez, negotiated in January. But one thing is now clear: the Conservatives do not want to give up this strategic position, which has allowed them to establish their influence at all levels of the European Parliament.

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