These batteries could solve Europe’s energy problems

Finnish engineers have installed the world’s first “sand battery”. Sand is used to store wind and solar energy in the summer as heat, which can then be released in the winter to heat homes and offices.

this winter It is likely to be complex for many European countries, especially those that rely heavily on Gas Russian. This deficiency can be partially compensated by increasing the number of facilitiessustainable energy. However, the production very variable To completely depend on it without installing too big batteriesusually in lithium, expensive to produce. Perhaps a Finnish company has found a solution low tech With seasonal battery based sand.

polar night energy Just completed its first commercial facility in Kankanba City. Its battery takes the form of a silo filled with sand from Construction. When there is excess electricity production, the surplus is used to heat the sand up to 500°C. This sand, completely ordinary, can maintain this the heat within months. The battery, which is about four meters wide and seven meters high, contains about 100 tons of sand. It has a capacity of 8 megawatts (megawatt-hours) and a heating power of 100 kilowatts (kilowatts).

A solution without dangerous products

This energy is not converted back into electricity when demand increases because the yield is currently quite modest. On the other hand, the stored heat can be kept until winter and transferred to the water home heatingoffices and even a local swimming pool. It is a solution that does not use any of them issue Dangerous, requires little maintenance and can operate for decades.

The next step will be to create a file Much bigger battery. The engineers said the next could be a thousand times bigger. According to the company, the battery’s internal temperature can reach 1,000 degrees Celsius, with a capacity of 20 gigawatt-hours (GWh) and a power delivery of 100 megawatts (megawatt). It already offers huge benefits for winter heating, but if engineers can figure out how to efficiently convert heat back into electricity, a sand battery could revolutionize thegreen energy.

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