These unexplained disappearances in Reunion

Reunion faces many disappearances every year. If some of them ended well, others, even today, are unresolved. Those missing leave behind loved ones in distress and incomprehension. In recent years, there have been four unexplained disappearances of the Reunion mark and it remains a mystery.

Matthew Kaysergis, the gendarme who disappeared in Maffet

issue Matthew Kaysergis It was dated June 23, 2017. The young man was last seen while outing in Mavi With their colleagues, on the busy and marked trail that connects Roch Plate and Maudu. His companions were indicted for not helping a person in danger: they were accused of giving the warning too late.

A year after his disappearance, Matteo Keyzergis was declared dead, but there is no evidence to understand what happened yet.

The Last Journey of Jeremy and Antoine Marc

On November 13, 2021, Jeremy and Antoine Marc, two experienced paratroopers, jumped from a helicopter at an altitude of 6000 meters. Both did not land, as planned, in Big elbow. Thus, a search was conducted that lasted several days on the ground and in the air. Unfortunately, the athletes were not found.

The disturbing disappearance of a high school student

On March 5th, at Saint JosephAnd the Estelle Vice, 18, left her home and hasn’t come back since. An investigation was opened into a disturbing disappearance, and the young woman’s phone was found in her home, with messages indicating her desire to end her life because of her disappointment in love. The situation mobilized many volunteers who organized several research parties. Unfortunately, four months later, the high school student is still undetectable.

runaway in the wild

vanishement Cedric Phyllis It happens in an entirely different context. On November 27, at saint louis, Two boys were found seriously injured. The eldest accused his father of trying to kill him and his younger brother. Both luckily survived.

Cedric Philias, who was last seen by a witness who saw him jumping into a ravine, has been wanted since Attempt to kill twice. This Wednesday, July 27, the man has been wanted for seven months. The authorities consider that he cannot survive without assistance and suspect him of being involved in what could be a fugitive.

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