“They’ve lost the culture of winning and the spirit of their game” Nothing is going well with the All Blacks

One year before the World Cup kicks off in France, New Zealand’s rugby game is mired in crisis. defeated South Africa Saturday August 6 (26-10), the All Blacks must win this Saturday the 13th in Johannesburg as part of the second day of the tournament, the tournament that brings together the best nations in the Southern Hemisphere. Because the leading country in rugby has lost five of its last six meetings.

New Zealand even slipped to fifth in the rugby world rankings. Nothing is going well in rugby country. “First this explains with some kind of tiredness, I think they lost the culture of winning and Also a bit of the spirit of their game‘,” notes Ian Borthwick, a New Zealand journalist.

“We’ve rarely seen blacks so empty of ideas and losing strategically on the pitch as they used to be.”

Ian Borthwick, New Zealand journalist


for whom He has been presented as New Zealand’s most famous French journalist, having spent a large part of his career in France”IThe damage occurred, the worm in the fruit. We have to find something to bring the New Zealand team back to life“.

The All Blacks steamer showed its first signs of fatigue in the fall of 2021. It was defeated first in Ireland, then in France on November 20, 2021. It was defeated again by those same Irish but this time on their own land, in Dunedin, and finally to the Springboks last SaturdayIt is the biggest failure against South Africans since 1928.

The fifteenth fern appears to be hitting rock bottom. “This is it Jill is at the end of his track a little bit. Staff insists on sticking to players over 30 years oldAnd the future is not very encouraging,” explains Guy Acusbury, rugby consultant at franceinfo.Behind this huge lack of renewal, they used to bring out new players, often some unusual players. There, on the next generation, they did not see them, or at least not yet, did not see them.“.

In a country where rugby is king,”The press is very malicious“He gets to know Ian Borthwick. But for him”It is the price to be paid. When everything is fine, everyone is happy. But when everything is bad, people can be very cruel“. New Zealand coach Ian Foster is in turmoil. He was appointed the day after defeat to England in the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup, and his contract usually runs until the World Cup in France in 2023. But this string of defeats weighs heavily on his record. On Monday, August 8, the New Zealand Herald, the country’s leading daily, was published “It’s time for a change[il est temps de changer], with a picture of the coach below. Behind the scenes names are already being traded to replace him. Tonight, against South Africa, an additional defeat will bring Ian Foster a bit closer to the exit.

Captain Sam Kahn is often criticized for his lack of leadership, and is also in the eye of the storm. “he is He lacks the charisma of Richie McCaw or Kieran Reed who led this team to the field‘, slice Ian Borthwick.

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