This 61-year-old grandmother and her husband of 24 will spend a fortune to have their eighth child

Love has no age ! In all cases, Sheryl McGregor61 years and Quran Makin, 24, wants to prove it through her relationship. They met in 2012, while working at the same fast food chain. At that time, the Qur’an was only 12 years old, so nothing happened between them. Later, in 2020, Cheryl and Quran met by chance and started dating. maintain the relationship.

Two love birds cannot initiate a romantic relationship. First try to keep a file Platonic complicity because of the age difference. In the end their feelings were too strong and they ended up fall in love. Since then they married / married And we live together in Rome, Georgia, USA.

37 years in love madly

A new step in the couple formed by Sheryl McGregor and Quran McCain! The lovers want now He has a child. This will be Qur’an’s first child, but he is not Cheryl’s child. She is already the mother of seven siblings and grandmother of 17 grandchildren. And the couple is ready to do it great sacrifice To welcome this new member into their family.

Lovebirds willing to spend large sums to bring surrogate mother. ” Surrogates cost between 7,000 and 140,000 euros. We are lucky to have found our chosen surrogateThe Qur’an said. Parents should welcome their child in late spring 2023. The two TikTok stars regularly keep their fans updated about their lives and this upcoming baby.

The couple’s community continues to grow on TikTok. Cheryl and Quran McCain share videos that often go viral. piling more than 2.3 million subscribers on their joint account. The future father said on the social network: “ I’m so excited. I have always dreamed of having a family with the love of my life. » On her part, Cheryl shared: “ Another baby would be great for me and my family in this new adventure. I have already planned to go shopping for the baby and I hope we can organize baby shower. »

Cheryl and the Qur’an are ready to welcome a baby

@kingqurannewpage61 Don’t stop anything 😋 The bleeding of love – Leona Lewis

To have this baby, Cheryl had already tried LoadedBut she did not succeed due to his advanced age. Since the sexual man is much larger than the Qur’an, the two lovers understand that the latter will find himself alone to take care of his child at some point. ” If I wasn’t there, he could do it.”Cheryl said. “He’d be a good dad, he’s a responsible adult. I am convinced that he will be able to raise our child well. »she added.

The age difference between spouses causes The ridicule of Internet users. Cheryl and the Qur’an are often targets Many reviews. “People on social media hate us so much, they say I’m dating my grandmotherThe Qur’an said. ” We are no different from other couples, love is love. Even though we get a lot of hate, we’re still together and that’s all that matters. We are happy and no matter what people think it won’t change. » A beautiful message for this couple who spins the perfect love despite all the boos they’ve received.

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