This flagship product is not consumed by 60 million consumers!

Is it now impossible to trust the big brands? Between health scandals and misinformed packaging, it’s hard to know where to turn. Fortunately for buyers magazine, 60 million consumers watch and warn them!

Palm oil in a product that is proud not to contain it!

The magazine highlighted the primevère lie about margarine. Basically, the packaging says that the product does not contain palm oil. A real consumer interest when we know that palm oil is destroying the planet and not good for health. But if we look closely, we can see if the label that indicates that the product is … is made from palm oil. So it is a deliberate lie on the part of the brand.

Find the error! The phrase “without palm oil” appears heavily on the tray, but we can read on the back the words “contains palm oil”. With or without palm oil? Primevère shows us that this is a typo and ensures that this margarine does not contain any of it. Leave the products on the shelf. What leaves the consumer confusedmagazine on its website.

Studies of 60 million consumers

The magazine wants customers to know exactly what they are buying. Don’t always trust the packaging. The packaging is sometimes too complicated to be attractive. But this does not necessarily mean that the products are good for your health. Same with prices: the highest quality products are not always the most expensive.

Take chocolate powder as an example. The magazine studied many brands. So about fifteen brands were analyzed. In all products, the magazine denounces the very high sugar content … of all brands: “ Thus, a 200ml bowl provides an average of 20g of sugars: that’s 40% of the recommended intake!“.

In its ranking, the Ovaltine brand takes the last place. why ? Because it contains a high percentage of sugar and the presence of additives. So it’s one of the rare brands that haven’t drawn a line under these controversial ingredients. The Canderel brand also has a problem with Cankao without aspartame. 60 million consumers regret having three artificial sweeteners in their formula. So these are the two bad students.

Other popular brands aren’t proud either because 60 million consumers highlight the low cocoa content. It’s a shame for hot chocolate, but it’s true. Ovaltine hot chocolate contains only 13% cocoa. In the back, it’s hardly better for Bananya (19%) and Nesquik (23%).

The French no longer trust

It’s simple, not a week goes by without a health scandal, more or less significant. Between the presence of dangerous bacteria and the lies of brands, it is difficult to know which products to buy. The recent Bettoni pizza scandal has not reassured the French, especially when we learn that some children have died.

A magazine like 60 Million Consumers exists to help you make the right decision. Let’s take chocolate powder as an example, the magazine only highlights the bad students. Good students are clearly quoted.

Thus, the three good student brands that top the rankings are: First in the class, Jolivia Brand with Raw Organic Cocoa Powder. With a good score of 16.5/20, the product can boast of a composition that does not endanger your health.. And in the back comes the Naturela brand with pure pure cocoa and no added sugar. Finally, in third place is Van Houten, with unsweetened organic cocoa. The nutritional values ​​of these cocoa powders are excellent.

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