This grandmother orders a summer dress online she hasn’t seen the designs from her vagina

If the Internet A revolution in shoppingIt is also sometimes accompanied by a large illusions. This is what happened to this British agent after she flashed on a plaid dress. Jenny Rock fell in love with this piece when she saw it featured in an ad on social media. I ordered the product right away and waited with great anticipation to receive it.

Midi dress, advertised as ” Unique design It was just one of the pieces the 56-year-old wanted for the summer. The girl I thought was wearing a pretty dress floral patterns finished with with nightgown the vagina in its entirety. » An online purchase did not fail at that cause fun Fifty-year-old friend. ” I thought it was pretty, summery, floppy and cool in summer and I could wear it casually. ‘, the client shared.

‘It’s just awful’

What was the surprise of the couple when they received the package and unpacked the product. ” When I arrived, it was really weird. The top was supposed to be a little snug, but it didn’t look like that at all. It looks like a file baby doll. ‘, captivated the buyer.’ mOur husband and I were crying laughing because it was simply Ugly. It’s so different, it looks like a hospital gown. ‘, she added. Comparisons showing the differences between the promotion image and the part received.

One might think that this A bad experience It hinders more than one customer in online purchases. Would you rather Jenny? laugh about it : ” I love shopping online. Today I had fun experience. […] Note to self: Read reviews before ordering. If the product looks like a bargain, it’s because it’s clearly bad and doesn’t look like the picture. But Jenny asked repayment to the online retailer.

Netizens shared their reactions to discovering the original pattern. Someone said: You really got me Raise the spirits. Another wrote: This will be your fun pre-operative hospital gown Intestines ! Some assured the client that they had a file Similar experience. ” You think it would look like something completely different. ‘ explains the fifty-year-old.

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A shopping experience you won’t soon forget

After asking for repaymentThe company replied to the grandmother that they agreed to pay the amount to her but up to 50%, and she refused. The mother informed that she was then offered a full refund if she returned the dress. ChinaWhere is the headquarters of the company, on her account. ” I have never shopped on this site before. I saw an advertisement for the dress when I was on social media and I to caution Few links, so I checked the site and searched for it in my regular browser. ‘, I explained.

This experience will have an advantage as a lesson for this woman. ” I will not order them again. I will also be more careful when shopping online. ‘, captured. If some Pictures make you dream On social networks or on websites, the Product Fact Sometimes it’s completely different. However, online shopping is still very Exercise When you don’t necessarily have time to go to the store.

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