This is the product whose price has skyrocketed, +38% in just 8 months

Inflation has not finished its crazy rush. According to the latest figures from INSEE, it reached, in July, +6.1% in one year. Among the sectors most affected by this rise in food prices. Thus, the cost of frozen meat jumped by 21%, according to a study by the Iri Institute. +14% for pasta, mustard or oils, +13% for ready meals or even frozen desserts. Today, almost no beam is delivered. And it’s not over. INSEE relies on inflation at 7% at the start of the school year, while the French are already anticipating the many expenses associated with the start of the school year.

A basket of 150 major products was screened

In order to study the increase in supermarket prices as closely as possible, Olivier Duvers, journalist specializing in mass distribution, and the A3 Distrib Institute, since January 1, has compiled a basket of ” 150 reference stars rays. And every week, they publish their incremental scale. Among these products are raspberry jam Bonne Maman, Barilla Spaghetti, finely chopped Charal beef brisket or even Francine flour.

In August, the inflation rate on food products was 10.8%

If food inflation remained moderate on February 28 – only 1.6% – then it rose in a steady and dizzying fashion, rising from 2.8% on March 21 to 6.3% on May 16, and then 8.9% on July 11. As of August 8, it was close to the record high of 10.8%. For a professional journalist, this inflation is ” leaked ‘, as he points out on his site Consumer Network. ” Worse still, the spike lasted for 31 consecutive weeks “.

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The price of Fleury Michon chicken breasts increased by … 38%

Now, all the divisions combined, one in three items has risen by more than 10%. Within this basket of 150 major products, one reference has been particularly increased. This is the oven-baked golden chicken breast from Fleury Michonne. Between January 1 and today, its price has gone up by… 38%. The pack of 4 sold for an average of 1.55 euros at the beginning of the year, compared to 2.13 euros today. This rise in particular can be explained by higher prices for energy and animal feed. Biting off a chicken sandwich has never cost you so much before.

Chicken breast, golden in the oven, from Fleury Michon is the inflation champ in a basket of 150 reference stars, compiled by journalist Olivier Dauvers and the A3 Distrib Institute.

The 20 most inflated basket products as of July 20:

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