This week’s 6 indie games (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One) are not to be missed

game news This week’s 6 indie games (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One) are not to be missed

Today is Monday. So it’s time for the editorial staff at JV to give a little overview of the upcoming indie games this week. Between the return of the soothing mobile game that made an impression, the somewhat special UFO Catcher and a whimsical new title that takes place in the toilet (yes, you read that right), there’s something for everyone this week.

Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition

Breathe… Exhale… To start the week off right, ustwo games invite you to spend some relaxing time with Monument Valley Panoramic Edition and Monument Valley 2 Panoramic Edition. Some of you may remember this title, which was released in 2014 (2017 for the second). So far, the optical illusions based puzzle game is now available on mobile only and it is getting a second life, to the delight of lovers of escapes and dreamlike adventures. Through landscapes, each more relaxing than the next, a true spiritual mission awaits you alongside the silent Princess Ida. For information, these releases each time include the base game, as well as various add-ons and downloadable content released so far.

  • Release date: 07/12/2022 the computer

Time in Frog Island

We keep the same relaxing dynamic, heading to the tiny island of Time on Frog Island. The latter has a peculiarity: it is inhabited by frogs. Having accidentally landed on this island, you become the only human there. Although these little monsters are the best, you still have to find a way to fix your boat and go home. To do this, you have to explore the island, hunt, cook, but also help the inhabitants in order to improve your relations with them and get the maximum amount of resources. On the sandbox side, you will have great freedom to discover the secrets of this colorful island.

  • Release date: 07/12/2022 the computer PS5 Xbox Series converts PS4 One

Super UFO Fighter

VV-LABO developers love to play with words. By combining two meanings of the English word UFO, imagine their game concept. Super UFO Fighter actually blends UFOs and UFO Catcher to make a colorful game sprinkled with action. The principle is simple: grab and drop objects at your base to get the most points. However, you are not alone. Super UFO Fighter is played as a duel, so you will be held back by a competitor trying to get more points than you. Whoever scores the highest score simply wins. An original way to have fun alone (against the computer) or with a friend.

  • Release date: 07/13/2022 the computer converts

eyes in the dark

We leave the colorful world of Super UFO Fighter to go black and white in Eyes in the Dark. As Victoria Bloom, you must wander the family mansion in search of your grandfather Victor. But of course, if the latter disappeared, it was not for nothing. The palace was already invaded by darkness and all kinds of monsters. With the crane and the flashlight, there’s nothing to fear in the dark. However, you must be strong and smart in hopes of getting out of this dark palace. Fortunately, you will be able to find different things on your way to help you out, and combining some of them can create wonderful surprises.

  • Release date: 07/14/2022 the computer

toilet records

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the toilet? Well, if that’s the case, Madi Abdykarimov and Bomi Games invite you to relive this shocking event…and worse. Toilet Chronicles invites you to live an adventure combining horror and comedy, taking place in public restrooms. The whole thing seems completely lunar, offering strange dialogues and puzzles without a tail or head. Add to that a selection system, multiple endings and same From time to time you get an independent game that stands out from the crowd. It remains to be seen whether this will be for better or for worse.

  • Release date: 07/14/2022 the computer


To recover from your feelings, you will take a small dose of music. LOUD is an arcade-focused rhythm game from Hyperstrange. We follow Astrid’s dreams of glory, from aspiring musician to true rock star. Armed with her guitar, we see her grow from stage to stage, provided she masters singing. Moreover, it is up to you to play and hit the ropes with rhythm in 14 levels of the game to let him climb the ladder. Looks like LOUD has everything it takes to delight fans of rock ‘n’ roll and old school games. let’s Rock!

  • Release date: 07/15/2022 converts

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