Three questions about the end of the red stamp announced by La Poste

It’s a small revolution. On Thursday, July 21, 2022, La Poste announced a sweeping modification to its express offer on January 1, 2023, with the red (urgent) stamp in particular disappearing, which will be replaced by a non-material “email”. Here’s what you need to know about the reasons for this decision.

What did La Poste decide?

La Poste will stop selling its famous red stamp at €1.43. It will be replaced with a red letter, ” Sent from until 8pm, printed by La Poste near the addressee, delivered the next day in an envelope with a red stamp design. It will be marketed from 1.49 euros.

The daily green message will be distributed in three days instead of the two currently. Its price will remain unchanged at 1.16 euros for 20 grams, despite inflation.

La Poste will also launch a “Turquoise services plus” letter. Will relate to shipments “The main ones require traceability, such as sending a check or small merchandise.” It will be distributed in D + 2 and will start at € 2.95, variable by weight (up to 2 kg).

An international letter of up to 20 grams will cost 1.80 euros (+9%). Prices for classic postal parcels sent to France (Colissimo) in parallel will increase by 2.4% on January 1, but a package of less than 250 grams will remain at the same price of 4.95 euros. The registered letter will be marketed from €4.83 (compared to €4.55 in 2022), with the delivery time extended to D+3.

Why did you make this decision?

La Poste offers three reasons. According to her, it is first of all a question of responding to the evolution of customer uses. ” The expectations expressed by 22,000 professional and individual customers consulted focus on reliability of distribution, mail tracking services, and consideration for environmental impact”, justify. ” The use of the red letter tends to disappear: households sent 45 priority letters per year in 2010, and only 5 in 2021. “Then, with this new offer, by 2030, La Poste claims it will provide” 60,000 tons of CO2 annually, which is a 25% reduction compared to current offerings. » And for good reason: the plane’s use of red letters or the hundreds of kilometers traveled by very full pickups. But for La Poste, these savings are necessary above all to maintain the universal postal service, which is running a large deficit (up to 1.1 billion euros).

What are the expected consequences?

With regard to purchasing power, The impact of the new message pricing on family budgets will have little or no effect, due to lower mail consumption ”, confirms La Poste. According to the Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority (ARCEP), the new range offered by La Poste remains accessible to all.

As for the end of the red stamp in favor of the e-mail, the association against the exclusion of the elderly, Les Petits freres de Bouvre, deplores ” Compulsory march digitization La Poste stresses that customers away from the digital world will get ” The ability to send a red email from a post office, on a device, or with the help of a consultant. “But for Isabel Sencal, Head of Advocacy at Poor Little Brothers, to send their priority mail, the elderly” At best they will become dependent because they will need someone to help them, at worst they will give up because they can’t move. »

Regarding the issue of the confidentiality of the speech, a spokesperson for the group confirmed that the printing is managed by machines without any human intervention, and then the digital speech is deleted from the computer system.

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