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This weekend’s Loto draw will put €4 million in play on Saturday 6 August 2022. After two consecutive draws without a single big winner, how about winning your share of today’s prize pool? To play the Lotto Network today, you will have until 8:15 PM, and the results will be announced as of 8:50 PM.

Update from 06/08/22 8:46pm: There are no millionaires in the raffle tonight

Despite a good turnout of several million networks in the lotto draw on Saturday 6 August 2022, none of them took the prize totaling €4 million as none of the networks found the six winning numbers. Check your nets and winnings in a few minutes before throwing away your Lotto receipt. The next draw on Monday 8 August will offer 5 million euros.

Since Monday’s rerun, the Lotto kitty game has held steady and has yet to be won. It has now gone through two consecutive draws where the lotto has not found a receiver, both during a throw-in on Monday evening and then during the last draw on Wednesday August 3, 2022. During this past evening, 650,000 nets were won everywhere in France, including 6 players left In the amount of 26,992 euros after finding 5 correct numbers. On the part of the 2nd draw option players, luck was also good with 3 players giving themselves €39,000 each by finding 5 correct numbers from the winning combination.

Draw for Saturday 6 August 2022Try your luck in a few minutes by playing your lucky numbers before 8:15 PM, the maximum time to complete and validate the Lotto Game Network.

Play Lotto this Saturday August 6, 2022 until 8:15 PM and start a millionaire

The rules of the game will not change for this draw on Saturday 6 August 2022 You will always have to select at least 5 numbers and 1 chance number to be able to play the Loto network and validate your participation in this new raffle of the day.

If there is only one chance among more than 19 million different combinations to find the entire winning numbers, then the middle ranks will give you more chances to win small prizes, starting with a prize of €2.20. To match the chance number or ~€ 4.30 to match at least 2 Lotto numbers.

Monday 08 August 2022 5,000,000 euros day hour minute dry to play

Lotto FDJ Draw Results Saturday, August 6, 2022 from 8:50 PM (Free)

Lotto winning numbers for Saturday 6 August 2022 From 8:50 p.m. online at The two winning combinations will be presented free of charge on our website and you will also have the possibility to follow the 10 winning tombola tokens as well as, finally, after publishing the full winnings report announcing The different ranks of the average winnings for this evening lotto on Saturday, August 6, 2022.

Do we have the right to have a new millionaire today and why not?

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Lotto FDJ

How can we play the Lotto network online today?

To play the Lotto Network on Saturday, August 6, 2022, start by choosing 5 numbers + 1 chance number to form a simple Loto combination. Then check the health of your network online at in a few seconds before 8:15 PM. ▶ Play Network Lotto online here

From what time will the winning lotto numbers be available today?

Loto results will be available from 8:50 PM this Saturday, August 6, 2022. You will be able to follow all winning numbers for free, but also Lotto codes and winnings report in detail.

How Much Lotto Kitty Is Tonight?

Lotto kitty today reaches €4 million this Saturday 6 August 2022 after two evenings without the lowest ranked No. 1 big winner.

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