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On the next episode of Tomorrow Is Ours… while Cedric’s heart stops beating, Roxanne starts gardening. Gaspard recognizes Maud.

Watch out, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for tomorrow’s episode of Our King airing tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Wednesday, August 10, tomorrow is ours…

Cedric’s heart stopped beating

Anne-Marie struggles to understand why Samuel’s kidnapper wants Cedric’s death. For Victoire, there is no doubt that whoever kidnapped her companion also assaulted the nurse. While Anne-Marie asks her granddaughter to show the video to the police, the latter flatly refuses. In fact, Victoire does not want to risk putting the life of the man she loves at risk. Realizing that she is ready to meet the kidnapper’s demands, Anne-Marie tries to make him aware of the seriousness of such an act before ordering him not to kill a man.

From their side, Jahiya and Anji are standing next to their father. When the two teens talk to him to motivate him, Cedric moves his fingers slightly a few times. Sure enough, their father will eventually wake up, then Jahia and Angie smile again.

Victoire questions William about Cedric’s health. According to him, the chances of him waking up are low but not zero. At this moment, Jahi arrived at the cultivators’ room to warn them that Cedric had moved his fingers. Although this is a good sign, Dr. Donner fears it may be just a minor motor reaction. To get to the bottom of it, he goes to his patient’s bedside to check it out.

Not far from there, Samuel is seriously injured and risks not surviving if his leg wound is not treated. He tries to convince his captor to give him something to disinfect the wound. without result. The doctor is exhausted, collapses and bursts into tears.

At the police station, the investigation was stopped. Research on Victoire’s former patients has shown nothing, nor DNA tests.

At the hospital, Victoire emotionally watches the video she received from Samuel. When Nicola joins her in the break room, she tells him the whole story and then makes him promise to keep it a secret.

Next, Victoire meets Benjamin in the corridors who is out of police custody. Then he encourages his friend to keep hope. Once with C├ędric, Victoire closes the curtains and then looks upset when she leaves the room shortly afterwards. When she saw Noor, she told him how sorry she was that Cedric was a side victim. When the young nurse thanks her for taking the time to visit her, Victoire, who has tears in her eyes, puts an abrupt end to their conversation.

A few moments later, Cedric went into cardiac arrest. Dr. Delcourt tries to revive him but to no avail. Cedric’s heart stopped beating…

ROXANE started gardening

Since gardening is excellent for nerves, Roxanne decided to take care of Bart’s Garden. Although she doesn’t really have a green thumb, she does grow some impatiens seeds. The problem is that these are flowers that do not survive the winter. While Bart makes fun of her, Roxanne feels insulted and lets go of tears. To forgive her, Bart later presents her with an olive tree, a sign of peace and wisdom. Thus, their child can grow with it. Sure, gardening was a real failure, but Roxanne nevertheless decided to start a vegetable garden…

Jasper meets Maud

After careful consideration, Tristan believes that his sister-in-law should allow Gaspard to see his father. However, Juliet flatly refuses because she fears for her son.

For his part, Gaspard spends time with Jack on the beach and says he is very happy to meet him. While they are talking, Maud sees them and then joins them. Very quickly the current passes between Maud and Gaspard, who does not escape from Jack who retreats.

Later, Maud and Gaspard walked together. During the conversation, Maud tries to find out if he is single. After he confirmed yes, Maud admitted that she didn’t really have a story that mattered.

Not far from there, Tristan apologizes to Juliet. Even if they do not agree on the matter, the important thing is that they are with Gaspard. At this time, the teenager returns home with a smile on his face. If his family is ever so pleased to see him, Gaspard makes them understand that he has never given up on seeing his father again.

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