Top 15 tweets of the week #369

When the weather is in a heat wave, we suggest you take a breath of fresh air with this Version 369 of this week’s best tweets. Like every week, our community managers monitor social networks, in order to identify the tweets that have marked the past seven days. And this new kufi has something to cheer you up! i.e. that This 369th pick is for the week of July 4, 2022, to July 11, 2022.

1) Long live the revolution

Ptdrrrrr so I’m in laaaarme I explained to the English that they won’t have a train before 10:30 in the morning because there is a strike and they replied “Are we really witnessing a legendary French social movement?! That’s so cool haha” and the whole group was happy

6 July 2022

2) Amazing meme potential

I’ve been thinking about this meme for 3 hours

7 July 2022

3) Always follow your dreams

“If we ask young girls what they would like to do next, they often answer the school teacher, the hairdresser, the princess …”

Me: Amber, what do you want to do when you grow up?
Child: I want to be a crocodile.
Me: All right.

7 July 2022

4) Long live little pigs

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk race to innovate to conquer space

Meanwhile, the French:

4 July 2022

5) With a small LinkedIn post as a bonus we hope

I have a colleague who got a manicure with the company logo on two of her nails……..I…. I shiver with embarrassment

July 8, 2022

6) Mystery Tray

The can is very indecisive, what exactly are you brother

July 9, 2022

7) holy brutality

PMU is exceptional, the best expression I’ve heard: “Gently on the pasty water, I’ve already taken a shower this morning.”

July 8, 2022

8) A story in quarrel

But the sharpness is not in the stairs…

4 July 2022

9) The famous Uber brawl

I just wanted a stewed chicken

6 July 2022

10) Very soon in Jujutsu kaisen:

What kind of jutsu is that again

5 July 2022

11) Set on rotor

Diesel at 2 € 10, Air Force 1 at 130 €, Greek at 8 € 50 It’s time to put on yellow jackets on the straps

6 July 2022

12) She had a nose

The laughter I had at work. Before testing a lady, I asked her if she had any symptoms. “No,” she said, “but what bothered me was that I passed St. Denis and could no longer smell it.”
The funny thing is that she was really positive

10 July 2022

13) We want the “10 most beautiful pearls in student dormitories”, to make you laugh a little

Every crazy day, I have the funniest student dormitory in France.

10 July 2022

14) Is everything figured out?

The people of Marseilles offer you to dive to 21 meters and reassure you they tell you “But no, you’re crazy, blood, my words, you have nothing to fear, even my little brother does it”

5 July 2022

15) Let’s love in large numbers

Grandpa gave me this on the street

5 July 2022

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