Top 500 fortune in France: here is the ranking of the richest Lyonnais

The 2022 Challenges Ranking was published in early 2022. (© Adobe Stock)

The arrangement is eagerly awaited. Every year, business magazine Challenges He paints a list and portrait of France’s 500 greatest fortunes. The title goes back to The Evolution of French Riches: The Falls and the Successes.

Bernard Arnault is the richest man in France

In the national top ten, we always find Bernard Arn At the fore, with a professional fortune of 149 billion euros. However, the luxury Baba sees his fortune waning even if he remains far ahead of Alain II and Gerard Wertheimer and their family, heirs to the luxury Chanel collection.

In the top ten, we also find the Hermès family (78 billion), Rodolphe Saadé (CMA-CGM carrier with 36 billion), François Pinault (the Kering luxury group, 30 billion) or Gérard Mulliez and his family with 22 billion thanks. to its brand Auchan or Decathlon.

CEO Bernard Arnault during a conference at École Polytechnique in 2017
CEO Bernard Arnault during a conference at École Polytechnique in 2017 (© Polytechnic School – J. Parandi)

We evaluate the biggest fortunes of Lyon and its region, billionaires or millionaires.

  • Billionaires Club

Alain Meriot leads in Lyon with 6.8 billion

The largest fortune in the Lyon region is still businessman Alain Meriot. With 6.8 billion euros of professional wealth, he sees an increase in his fortune in one year (6.6 billion in 2021). However, it lost two places in the national ranking (18 in 2022, 16 in 2021).

The health crisis has boosted the activity of the pharmaceutical company Biomérieux, which he owns 58.9% with his family, by launching a Covid-19 screening test in 2020.

Alain Meriot is Lyon's biggest fortune.
Alain Meriot is Lyon’s biggest fortune. (© Wikimedia)

Lisecure Family (Tefal, Seb…): Bad year

The Liskeur family fell sharply in the rankings from 38th to 52nd nationally with a fortune of 2.3 billion euros, compared to 3.5 billion a year earlier. Descendants of the pressure cooker inventor own the leader in kitchen equipment with the famous brands Sepp, Tefal, Moulinex…

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A bad year for Les Secur’s fortunes despite record results in 2021 for the Seb group, which is headquartered in Ecully, on the outskirts of Lyon.

Laurent Borrell and his family: their fortune halves

On the rise in 2021, the Burelle family’s fortune will be halved in 2022. The owners of Plastic Omnium, a business related to the production of cars, have moved from 52nd to 90th place this year with a fortune that has increased from 2.2 billion to 1.3 billion.

Norbert Dintersangel and his family return over $2 billion

The owners of the real estate group took another two places in the ranking with a fortune of 2.1 billion euros, compared to 1.9 billion in 2021.

They sold their transportation group to XPO, and these Lyonnais made several investments in real estate, technology and even wine. They go from 58th to 56th.

Christian Latouche and his family at 2 billion

The family spends more than $2 billion in professional wealth with its Fiducial group, which specializes in accounting, consulting, and office supplies. The billionaire in Lyon also owns two vehicles, the magazine Lion Capital And the South Radio.

Being over €2 billion, the family is moving up from 63rd place to 58th place.

Liu and Patrick Bahadurian: A stable fortune for the Grand Fries

The two owners of EEF in Lyon, who are co-owners of the famous Grand Frais brand, have a fortune of 1.3 billion euros. However, they are falling back in the overall rankings, from 77th to 90th in 2022.

The Grande and Bagno de Puchis Families: The Last Billion

These families crossed the billion mark, settling in at number 113. The family owns a group that has made dozens of acquisitions in industry, construction, hardware, and metalwork.

  • Millionaires Club

Bruno Rossett approaches a billion

The owner of the Evolem group (health, services, entertainment, etc.) advances with a fortune of 900 million euros for 850 million and approaches the club of billionaires. This businessman from Lyon invested most of his fortune in the real estate sector.

David and Laurent Despens: Grand Frais pays off a lot

The second branch of the Grand Frais Group, The Butcher’s Branch, is owned by these two Lyonnais and their family. Dropping from 134th place to 170th place, their fortune is stagnant at 700 million euros.

Christian Boiron and his family crossed half a billion

The owners of Boiron Labs crossed the 500 million euro mark, which is an increase in wealth but a decrease in ranking (230th place instead of 215).

The family owns 70% of the first homeopathy company, which diversified into health products reimbursed by Social Security.

Boiron Labs owners pass 500 million euros.
Boiron Labs owners pass 500 million euros. (© Richard Mouillaud / Boiron)

The Foriel-Destezet family: Adecco . heirs

The family of the co-founder of Adecco, the global leader in temporary employment, inherited 4.3% of the company’s share capital. His fortune decreased to 325 million euros instead of 480 in 2021.

The founder of the Philippe Foriel-Destezet group, who died a year ago, also donated one million euros to the city of Lyon.

Jean-Michel Aulas and his family: OL resale underway

Leon and his family sell Olympique Lyonnais to an American billionaire. The famous owner of Ligue 1 club has reinvested in real estate and private equity. His fortune is estimated at 420 million euros. Ulas returned to the standings from 232nd to 282nd.

Jean-Michel Aulas regularly expressed his concerns about the French football economy in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.
Jean-Michel Aulas regularly expressed his concerns about the French football economy in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. (© François Hamelin/news Lyon/illustration)

Jean-Claude Laforel: luxury hotels pay off big

The former industrialist from Lyon developed a group that owns nurseries, a river company, and dozens of luxury hotels. The owner of Lavorel Hotels is ranked 282, directly ahead of Jean-Michel Aulas with a similar fortune of 420 million euros.

Guy Mathiolon: Stabilization in Lyonnais for the construction industry

The family that owns the Serfim Group (BTP) is stable with a fortune of 330 million euros. It was his daughter who was appointed general manager of the group a few months ago.

Sophie Devory and her family: Investor in GL Events

The daughter of the founder of Carrefour entered the ranking Challenges In 2021. His fortune is still stable at 250 million euros, but it drops from 397th place to 447th place. She has made investments in real estate and finance. It has also set aside money for GL Events, a global events company headquartered in Lyon…

Jean-Claude Condamine: The “youngest” fortune

This is Lyon’s weakest fortune at the bottom of the national ranking. At Place 484, Lyonnais and his family own developer Sogelym that specializes in construction and real estate. Their fortune reaches 220 million instead of 200 million.

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