TotalEnergies Announces “Significant Pricing Program”

With this enhanced liter discount, the energy company, under pressure from the executive branch, hopes to avoid the threat of a “big business” tax, loomed by several political groups.

He was interrogated by the left, who accused him of carrying outprofitabilityThanks to rising energy prices, TotalEnergies is stepping up measures to lighten its customer portfolio. In a press release published on Friday morning, the group announced:Massive Fuel Price Reduction Program”, which complements its already existing system for a few months.

In detail, TotalEnergies will give at all its stations in France, from September 1 to November 1, a discount of 20 cents per liter, in addition to that given by the government. So, in urban France, the reduction will go up to 38 cents a liter, resulting in a price drop of 15 euros on a full 40 liters, for example. Between November and December, the drop will still be in effect but half of it is only 10 cents. These discounts will applyFrom the first liter purchased, with no limit on the quantity, for all types of petroleum fuels sold at the stationssays the company.

In response to a question about BFMTV, the Minister of Economy and Finance welcomed the announcement of TotalEnergies, “Welcome”sense of responsibility“Company. Affiliate”intense discussionsBruno Le Maire, done with the energy company, explained that he was pleased with the decision to return purchasing power directly to households: “I am a thousand times better than the money for the French on the tax of the public treasury“, He said.

Way to avoid tax increases

The commitment comes less than a month after TotalEnergies boosted the discount, which at the end of June increased from 10 to 12 cents. But this effort, which was restricted only to stations near highways, was deemed insufficient, both by the government and by the elected members of the National Assembly, who debated at length, on the occasion of the examination of the purchasing power bill. The advisability of taxing the profits made by the energy giants over the past few months.

If he was hesitant, the CEO didn’t completely shut the door on the reins, calling it a threat in order to get the companies involved to do more to protect the families’ portfolio:We ask them to make an effort. I’m thinking in particular of Total and CMA CGM. They made the first commitments. Should they do more? Yes, definitely. We will do the calculations during the 2023 financing billPercy boss Bruno Le Maire warned in an interview with Le Monde this week. On BFMTV, Friday morning, he congratulated himself on avoiding creating “countless taxThe uprising againstintellectual fraudNupes.

Thus, TotalEnergies’ announcement is not without interest in the energy company, which is hoping to quell the wrath of opposition parliamentarians. The company does not hide it: “With this massive price-reduction program at our stations, we hope that the national representation will also listen to this long-term commitment, which our customers will hear”its CEO, Patrick Boyani, comments in a press release.

It remains to be seen whether elected officials will deem this new effort sufficient, because if fuel prices have been falling for a month, the price of a liter of diesel or petrol still costs more than 1.9 euros on average. So the bill remains salty. However, it can be mitigated by agreement between the L-R and the presidential majority, which should result in a strengthening of the per-liter discount set by the state. Combined with efforts by companies like TotalEnergies, as well as a measure specifically targeting workers forced to take their cars, those measures should be significantly reduced at the start of the school year, Bruno Le Maire wanted to believe on Friday.

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