TotalEnergies will reduce fuel prices until the end of 2022 at all of its stations

At the start of a new departure weekend, which promises to be busy on the roads, and just hours after MPs adopted a purchasing power bill, TotalEnergies announced Friday, July 22, 2022, a program to lower fuel prices through the end of the year.

Twenty cents, then ten cents

Offering a 12 cents a liter discount through August 31, at more than 100 stations across the highways, the group will lower the price of its fuel. “from 1Verse September to 1Verse November twenty euro cents per liter […] Then ten euro cents per literVerse From November to December 31, 2022 ». At all service stations and not just on the highway.

In addition to the state discount

These price cuts will add to the state’s 18-cent rebate, which must be extended through the end of September before tapering off to extinction on December 1. A measure that remains to be confirmed depending on the ongoing discussions in Parliament.

Total’s gesture comes in response to the government’s request, which called on the oil group to intensify its efforts to participate in the fight against inflation, considering that the gestures made so far are insufficient.

There is no limit to the amount

“Our priority, then, is for consumers because we prefer to make an immediate and direct contribution to our customers, rather than an indirect tax that would penalize our refineries.”comments by Patrick Boyani, CEO of TotalEnergies.

The group guarantees the application of the price reduction “From the first liter purchased, without a limit on the quantity, for all types of petroleum fuels sold at the stations”.

Bruno Le Maire satisfied

on me BFM TVEconomy Minister Bruno Le Maire welcomed “Right Decision, Powerful Decision, Good Decision for Consumers”.

“What Total does is very important in terms of profits.” Made in France refining this year by the group, he added that Total Energy is accused by several elected representatives of the opposition and the majority of having made “super-profits” as gas and oil prices soar.

Shipping: CMA CGM makes a new gesture

In parallel with Total’s announcement, shipping company CMA CGM announced an additional reduction in its prices “To support the purchasing power of French families and the economy”after the first gesture was announced at the end of June.

The transport giant, with profits inflated by the crisis, will reduce freight rates by 750 euros per 40-foot container to mainland France and overseas territories, instead of the 500 euros initially planned, and extend that reduction to all companies.

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