Tour de France 2022 – Hautacam – David Gaudu (Groupama FDJ) “Proud” of his fourth place in the general classification

Of course, “until you’re in Paris,” you never know, as the saying goes. But a priori, David Gaudu will have nothing to lose or gain during the time trial between Lacapelle-Marival and Rocamadour on Saturday. Not close enough to Geraint Thomas to hope for more, far enough from others to fear anything. So the French should finish the 2022 round in fourth place. at the foot of the platform. Frustrating? Not for a second.

Some are eclectic, but I’m proud of this fourth place.”, confirmed Thursday at Hautacam, cutting the streak in fifth. Breton doesn’t evolve in the same galaxy as Jonas Vingegaard or Tadej Pogacar, and not quite on the same planet as Geraint Thomas (but not far away). “It was not my battles of Vinggaard or Poojacar or Thomas, He remembers. My battle was Nero (Quintana) and the othersThis battle, he won, and brought down the Colombian on the final ascent.

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As is often the case, in this latter part of the Pyrenees we saw David Godot sometimes in difficulty, but always with this ability not to panic and to finish strong. “He’s an instinctive runner, he knows how to manage himself wellJudge Mark Madiot, Groupama-FDJ Team Manager. Do not go into areas that do not need to explode. There he was, the team too. We saw Guido Guido today (Thursday) and a very good team around him.

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Madiot: “It was great to live”

David Godot himself often praised the work of his teammates, Valentin Maduas at the front. This was the case Thursday more than ever. “The hardest part was giving up on Cairo but I signed Valentine (Madwas) again, very great Tibout (Pinot)“, confirms once again. Maduas, now twelfth overall, has once again done a tremendous job for his captain. Thibault Pinot, who lamented the day before”UselessAs for the team, he didn’t give his share to the lions, and in general, Mark Madiot wanted to put everyone in the same sack of praise:

Seeing that we have two in the breakout and six in the yellow jersey group at the Obesque summit, it’s still not bad for a small French team. It has to be said from time to time. We did a good job. Val (Maddos) waits at the foot of David’s last climb. Thibaut, seeing that he could no longer play for the win, chose to also give David a hand. There was great participation on the part of all the riders and staff. It was great to live. “

So Groupama-FDJ likely won’t win a stage, but Mark Madiot’s overall troop performance is already more than solid, to stay in moderation. Ditto for David Godot. “Apart from two Slovenes, there is something to play‘, Madiot demanded at the beginning of Copenhagen. He was Slovenian and Danish, or vice versa, moreover, but in the idea, he was not mistaken in shooting on the podium. The Welshman was close to achieving this goal which many considered far too ambitious. Three weeks later, There is no longer any reason to laugh.

There is not a day without noticeable failure and the ability to outdo himself in adversity, Finistère has rounded the corner on this tour. “There are days when it goes well, and there are days when you just have to give up your strengthnotice. We don’t realize the intensity of the effort to finish fourth in the Tour. I am proud of this place. I was told this is a Frenchman’s best result since 2017 and the level continues to rise“He’s right. Some fourth place deserves a podium. That’s not far from being one of them.

David Godot in Outacam.

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