Tour de France 2022 – Is the heat wave and the potential weakness of Tadej Pogacar’s yellow jersey?

32 degrees in Mendy, 34 degrees in Albertville and more than 38 degrees in Carcassonne next Sunday … It should be 21 degrees at the summit of the Col de Gallibert on Wednesday, when it will peak at 2,642 metres! The second week of this 109th edition will witness a heat wave that will hit France and Grande Bouclay. If the Route d’Occitanie had seen a last-minute rerouting to stave off a heat wave following a ban from the governor, the tour is unlikely to experience such turmoil. It’s up to runners to hang on. Because these temperatures can change a lot of things in living things.

Poojakar, afraid of heat? Yes but that was in 2021

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Pogacar: “I don’t see myself as a ‘cannibal’…”

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Heat remains a performance nuisanceJackie Mayo, Groupama-FDJ team physician, explained to AFP during the 2019 tour. When you sweat while running, you can lose about a liter of sweat per hour, and when you lose one liter, you can rehydrate your body by just half a liter. We only make up half of our losses. It must be taken into account“.during a heat wave, runners can drink up to 1.5 liters of drink per hour and they don’t hesitate to cool off by any means possible, including by placing ice packs on their necks.”The hardest part is when you’re going up hills because you’re not going fast,” Barjeel told in June for RMC Sport.

Bad luck, as in 2019, a heat wave appeared just before the Alps, which will be made more difficult by the conditions. Que ce soit la 11e étape entre Albertville et le Col du Granon ou la 12e étape entre Briançon et l’Alpe d’Huez, les fortes chaleurs pourraient vite transformer ces étapes alpestres en véritables chemins de croix pour les coureurs’ In these cases. But what about favourites? At the dawn of this sweltering week, a question arises on everyone’s lips: Could a heat wave be Tadej Pogacar’s expected weak point? The Slovenian himself admitted the fear ahead of the 2021 round.Before the tour started, there was only one thing that really frightened me, and it was… the heatduring the second day of rest in Andorra. I’m not always comfortable with herThis was also seen during the eleventh stage.

I know what to expect, the heat doesn’t scare me

July 7, 2021. A date marked with a white stone for anyone who wants to see the Slovenian ogre fall. The only time a Buggy made its place in the mountains was at the 2021 Tour de France. That day, Mount Ventoux, its cobbles and 30 grades. Furnace pushed up twice which notably caused David Gaudu (Groupama-FDJ) big failure, down to a quarter of an hour. And during the second climb, at the last hectometers, Pogacar was unable to follow Vingegaard’s final acceleration. For the first time it seemed to be stuck. The finish point is in Malaucène, and he won’t lose anything in the end, but it was enough to see Pogacar’s weak spot in the heat. Only, here it is: That was before.

First (small) admission of weakness: Pogacar stuck in Ventoux against Vingegaard

The hot and heavy week we just had has reassured me, already confirmed during this second day of rest in Andorra last year. Above all, this “accident” prompted the Slovenian to work in this sector. On the road, old fashioned. “I’ve never trained in private rooms to keep warm, I’m someone who feels we have to do it outdoors, on the roadhe explained on Monday during the second day of the 2022 round break. When I trained in Slovenia in June, it was very hot. And even before that. “All fear of the heat disappeared.” I know what to expect, the heat doesn’t scare me‘, emphasizes, however, no more than the others.

If Jonas says he’s better (than me), that might be true

It’s the same for everyone, you have to keep your body as cool as possiblePogacar explains. Nobody likes to run for 5 hours in such temperatures“.But some are still more comfortable there than others. That is in any case the opinion of Jonas Weinggaard, who would have declared before leaving Copenhagen that he considered himself”Better than Pogacar in hot weather“. “I I don’t know if that’s the case, I’m not that bad when it’s hotas the Slovenian believes. If Jonas says he’s better in these circumstances, that might be true. We’ll see what happens this week.The game is in progress and the weather rule is on standby.

Pogacar: “Vingegaard is my main opponent”

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