Tour of Spain – Julian Alaphilippe: “I hope you come back…”

After his very short cover on A tour of Wallonia Because of Covid – he still has time to reassure himself with victory at the Mor de Huy Summit on the first day – Julian Alphilippi It will be Sunday, the first time in his career, at the beginning Leuven Tower – Memorial Jeff Shearns. On the roads he won his second World Championship title just under a year ago, the Frenchman Fast-Step Alpha Vinyl Team – which will then continue with Al Ain Tower (August 9-11), then usually tour in Spain (From Aug 19 to Sep 11) – It will try to restart the device again. With uncertainty about his level, the 30-year-old sprinter is entering this week of racing into the unknown, he explained Friday during a virtual press conference.

Video – Al-Aphilipe … before returning to Louvain after almost a year

“I’m in spirits and I want to make an effort”

“I am very happy to be back in racing, and especially there, in Leuven, where I have so many memories. After that, I don’t really know how to feel. It was complicated a few days after the Tour de Wallonie, I was still sick and had about a week Without training. But I want to run on Sunday, then the Tour de l’Ain. It will be fast and a lot of work before going to La Vuelta, the goal is to have fun and see how I feel after Covid.” In the event of uncertainty at the physical level, Julian Alphilippi However, the head feels good before this recovery.

“I am in good spirits, even if it is a little difficult to continue this setback in the Tour de Wallonie. I had the impression that everything was back to normal, I was very happy that I managed to win the first stage but the next day, I was completely suspended, And I had a really bad feeling and had to leave the race with Covid. There, the symptoms are gone, but I still feel a little tired. The last days of training were not great, but I have morale, I have potatoes and I want to make efforts, hoping that luck will leave me The bad is a little quiet.”

“Since the start of the season, things haven’t gone the way I wanted at all”

Falls at the beginning of the season, an accident in Liege Bastogne LiegeCovid in A tour of Wallonia…the Saint-Aman-Montrond native had a series of loopholes in 2022, although previous seasons had been crowned with success. “We have to step back from all this.”He answers when asked how he sees the situation. “I’ve been able to put together several high-profile seasons, with no major setbacks and little results, but this year, I don’t feel like I have much wind in my back. Since the start of the season it hasn’t gone at all the way I wanted it to, but you have to adapt, there is no choice And above all, keep your spirits high and don’t worry about your fate. Touring Lombardy, there are only good things to do, so I hope you come back.”

“If I can be 100% on at least one important day by the end of the season…”

Logically, I don’t feel like he’s at his peak yet. ‘I’m definitely not in the best shape’ – But thinking he’s not in the street either – “I am not lacking in status because I did everything to get back to normal at the Tour de Wallonie, and I started fairly well”Julian Alpahilippe Expressed his wish at the end of the season. “If I can get back to my best level and be 100% in at least one day by the end of the season – whether there is a win or not at the end – I will be very happy, I won’t regret it and it will be a successful bet for me”concludes with the one who must form a formidable pair with him RYMCO EVENBUIL on the next tour in Spain (August 19 – September 11).

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