Transfers – Damien Benaud, Demba Bamba, Brice Dolin…these blues are at the end of the decade

This week Uini Atonio signed a new contract with Stade Rochelais. There are still a few three colors left at the end of the decade. Logically, they would move the news behind the scenes.

Unsurprisingly, Uweni Atuneo (32, 44 picks) decided to stay loyal to La Rochelle. The right-hand column, who arrived in 2011 in Deflandre, has this week initialed a new two-year commitment with the Marine Club, that is, until June 2025. The original New Zealander was one of the three junior internationals whose contract expired on June 30, 2023, the majority expected The vast majority of their peers already have their contractual status and have made a decision about their medium-term future.

Profile #1 for this summer and the coming weeks is about Damien Benaud (25 years old, 34 picks). On the part of Clermont, optimism about a possible extension is being reduced to a bare minimum. The original Brave, considered one of the best wings in the world, must succumb to the temptation to give a new impetus to his career. In the latest news, the party interested in the Toulouse project will be tempted, but together with Ernst Wallon, the financial equation for such a signature is especially complex.

Especially as the club that has won five European Cups has dramatically renewed its back triangle this summer with the arrival of Jaminet, Capuozzo and Retière. Note, moreover, that Mattis Lebel (23, 4 choices), bound through June 2023, has an elective year in his lease for 2023-2024. Race 92, as the Taofifenua-Dupichot multiplier is nearing the end of its commitment, has more room in that priority file.

Azago on the coast

Other rally regulars Racingman Fermi Vakatawa (30, 32 caps) and successor Bryce Doolin (32, 36 caps), who are well settled in their clubs, will face an option for the future. Among the well-known high-potential items, we primarily find Demba Bamba (24 years, 25 choices), Silivacio Tolovoa (25 years, 2 choices) and Pierre-Henri Azago (24 years, 2 choices).

Lowe is determined to keep the right shaft, a major asset to his workforce, aside for six months. Same for the French stadium versus its second streak but the competition promises to be fierce, with Azagoh featuring many suitors among the big elite teams.

The Tolovois affair, whose name has been adamantly returning to the Toulon side for several months, can cause panic behind the scenes. At number 8, in addition to RCT, which will seek a successor to Sergio Parisse, Clermont and Montpellier should also be active, respectively, with the end of the next decade for Fritz Lee and the possible departure of Zach Mercer.

The position of the second line will also be of interest: in addition to Azagoh, Bordeaux players Thomas Jolmès (26 years, 2 selections), Cyril Cazeaux (27 years, 4 selections), Racingman Boris Palu (26 years, 2 selections) and Rochelais Rémi Picquette (27) , located in Japan, by virtue of its contractual status, on the market. With regard to the previous Vannetais, discussions have been underway in recent weeks with the Maritime Administration.

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