Two tourists order a beer on the terrace, while the waiter charges €760

Two vacationers had a strange experience budget upset Set to enjoy this summer. After pedaling on the trails of the Belgian seaside resort, NewportThey wanted refreshments. So they sat on the balcony of the hotel cafe and ordered two draft beer. However, the next day, he booked their bank account A bad surprise.

The next day is cold shower ! According to information from the Dutch media Heat Latest NewsAfter ordering two beers, the couple were shipped Amount of 760 EUR. After checking her account, the woman found that the exorbitant amount was withdrawn from her instead of 7.60 EUR What should the beer cost. a unusual bill For two beers tasting on the terrace!

Payment terminal error

The problem behind this high amount? It was actually a file Typing error on the payment terminal. The person in charge of the service has Forgot the comma And changed the price from 7.60 euros to 760 euros. So the tourists were charged an amount that was not mentioned in the cafe menu. Enough to turn your entire holiday program upside down!

Fortunately, the customer has keep on Receipt and contact the bank that deals with him to inform him of the error on the part of the owner of the restaurant. I also managed to join the hotel du littoral for them Refund request. However, the return of the institution did not please the spouses at all. In fact, make it clear that repayment can not Does not happen Immediately due to lengthy administrative procedures.

Appetizing almost turns into nightmare ! So the couple should be patient, as administrative procedures may require Several weeks.However, our usual direct debt did not stop.‘, explained the tourist. The couple had to save his accountBy transferring money from his savings account to his checking account. Bad surprise that was not planned to end this vacation.

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Be vigilant about displayed amounts

The bank explained that it had taken steps that unfortunately paid off, to ensure that the customer was Cold. So the couple must be re-accredited within a few weeks. As the young woman wished Take this opportunity to warn people ofbe cerfull When making electronic payments. In fact, it is always recommended Check Amount indicated at the payment terminal before entering their bank card.

These errors occur regularly. This is why it is important to check and Keep your tickets. Regularly watch him Bank withdrawals It can also detect any anomalies. In fact, taking advantage of a refund after an error of this kind can be very long and can modify your entire vacation program. It would be a shame to have to finish your summer vacation earlier than expected because of a Typing error !

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