UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 – France National Team – Grace Giroud, Rotten season, truncated preparations But a divine Euro?

From our special correspondent in Rotherham,

The word game has crossed the doors of Blue’s locker room. “It was a blessing night‘, Kenza Daly smiled at us when discussing Grace Giroud’s performance against Italy (5-1). She doesn’t think too well: she who stayed on eight goals in 49 selections was an unnatural evening at Rotherham. She scored, rare enough to be underlined. , to launch in the footsteps of a historic evening.But she did not stop there, as she presented herself with an unexpected hat-trick, including two elegant goals: one by baffling the Italian goalkeeper with a terrible trick, the other with a shot full of control.

Euro 2022

“With our results, a lot of teams are waiting for us now.”

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My favourite, still the secondThe evening’s heroine then explained. At the time, Marie made me a wonderful swerve and said to myself “Wow, I find myself in a situation I was not used to. We had to pick fast, I pushed it too far but I managed to make the hook and finishThe logically chosen Parisian for the match wore a broad smile throughout the post-match despite heavy media commitments.. How does he explain this sudden taste of the goal?

The idea was to create spaces and for those spaces to be exploited by someoneCorinne Deacon explained after the match. The players had to be very committed to each other’s moves to be able to finish the match“Three times, Geyoro has been pleased with her progress in this field.

Why is Blue above the battle? “And they have room for improvement…”

“We were afraid”

I had a lot of coaches who blamed me for that beforeI explained. I had to work more in front of goal because I tend to be in these situations a lot“.”You must get hurt often!”, her coach was also booked on TF1. Because if the midfielder shines with a thousand light, he has long been in uncertainty about this opening match.

Because on June 21, the player suffered a severe panic at Clairefontaine. Tears were in tears, backed by her captain Wendy Renard, as the Parisian left Les Bleues practice after her knee buckled while poking the ball. Panic among the blues. “It is true that we were afraidYves Berest admitted Sunday after a threesome with her partner. But when we got the MRI result, we saw that it wasn’t serious. Tonight, we were able to see how important it is to us.“.”Everyone is important in the group but Grace takes up more and more spaceCharlotte Bilbo, his bodyguard, added on Sunday. She is more and more decisive, and that is what the coach is also asking of her. She makes us feel good“.

Grace Giroud after her hat-trick against Italy

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This short period however was painful for her. Because she thought her season was really good to end up in the trash, she definitely rotted from the ground up. Before this Euro, before this injury, Giroud lived very turbulent months at PSG. In her first season as captain of the Parisian club, she went through turbulent areas that are still unprecedented for her and the club, especially through the case of Khaira Al Hamrawi.

Al-Hamrawi’s case before injury in preparation

When this case broke out, I was shockedI explained to L’Equipe last April. I was like, “Wow, this is my first year in this role, what’s going on, how am I going to do that.” I tried to be fair, not to be biased because I played a very important roleClose to Marie Antoinette Catuto, Gioreau was sometimes torn between her personal friendships and her collective role.

In this context, the Parisian season, which culminated successfully in the Coupe de France, will be an event in itself, finally ending with the suspension of Didier Ole Nicole. So, with Les Bleues, I thought she was living a new beginning and a new wreck. But, Geyoro believed in it and, once the fears were removed, gave everything to be at the level of this euro.

Grace Giroud, captain of Paris Saint-Germain

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It was complicated especially because he fell during friendlies when I told myself I needed to play before the competitionshe added. But that’s what it is, it’s part of a profession. I had to adapt and worked a lot in the room too, and I was well followed in terms of care. I tried to put every opportunity on my side to be in good shape for this first match“. Elle le fut. Mais c’est avec une sérénité déconcertante que, comme ses coéquipières, elle n’a pas voulu s’enflammer, même après ce triplé et ce ballon signé par ses partenaires lous quis près” son pesait “. the game.

So far, we haven’t won anything.she said, dropping herself on the rest. This intro is nice but the target is July 31“However, isn’t this France and Italy the strongest moment of her Bleu career? She would like it not to be the case:”We’ll have to wait for the sequel before we say that because I hope she’ll still be charming“.

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