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The UNFP decided to break the sacred union around the Girondins de Bordeaux, and finally relegated sportingly to Ligue 2 when they managed to sink administratively. In a press release, the FIFPro put on the table some small problems that are being hidden very quickly, both in substance and form. Above all, you remember that treatment intended for players cannot be used to mask the inefficiency of the current administration. After failing to radically change the situation, Gerard Lopez lost quite a bit of his aura and the aura of a savior…

You have to go to Twitter to find the real summary of the UNFP position. « En voulant à tout prix “sauver” le soldat Lopez et le club historique qu’il préside, aujourd’hui enfermé dans une logique de trading, les instances n’ont visiblement pas pris en considération la condition future des joueurs… Étonn , no ? » In short, in other economic sectors, the UGT has been talking about a rogue president who leaves the threat of factory closure hanging above him to swallow up quick layoffs and collect public aid.

DNCG discredited

Let us point out in advance that, unlike AS Saint-Etienne, a social plan was enacted that resulted in the loss of 70 jobs (out of 300), while three-quarters of the debt had disappeared or even that the city of Bordeaux recognized a beautiful discount on the rent of the stadium. Those unemployed futures are for the time being the forgotten losers of the Bordeaux fiasco. But UNFP is interfering with another record. The vast majority players union in French football is skeptical about the medium-term consequences of sequences we are barely out of. Contrary to popular opinion, it is amazed that the National Federation may conflict with the DNCG in this way – even if this has already happened before. “The indulgence with which the FFF takes the DNCG – whose work is usually praised and praised in France – raises questions.” so The credibility of the independent commission weakens. The Gironde’s case law, with external political pressures as well as internally within the LFP, inevitably weakens the power of the subsequent decisions of this regulator, especially if it has to judge our elite ‘institutions’. With the danger that arises, according to the head of the client, double standards in the face of sanctions.

“Footballers don’t melt at high temperatures”

Once the public scene is set, UNFP goes back to its raison d’être, defending players and staff and their working conditions. UCI Kastendeuch and Piat are particularly upset by the forcefully expressed demand for some members of the workforce, particularly those installed in the notorious “loft”, to have their salaries drastically reduced. In short, management imposes some form of financial punishment that transfers foul, even sin, from club difficulties to ugly ducklings. And, as is often the case, now it’s all about transferring responsibilities to the players. Because besides the internal pressure, the media coverage of the actions advocated by the club has only one goal and testifies to Gerard Lopez’s desire that the players, who refuse to cut their salaries, bear the reasons for the possible collapse of a ship. » Hollow, and in a more visible way on social networks, the UNFP does not forget about the habits and habits of “chief” Gerard Lopez. And among them, this loft, is certainly less overheard than the one at PSG, where employees descend into unusual types of bullying. “Let’s skip the classic intimidation maneuvers especially when, as here, they can serve science: Proving that footballers are insoluble in high temperatures by training at 3 pm, in the midst of a heat wave, the players put the vacuum” continues UNFP.

The tension was so high that in the aftermath, Paul Paisi, one of the still-contracted “undesirables” and a member of the union’s steering committee, split the right of reply in order to counter the rumors attributed to him by the radical UNFP position. “If I wasn’t part of the loft, no one would have accused meDefender writes. UNFP plays its part with everyone and in all clubs. My situation is not really easy to live with, thank you for not adding to it. » He then specifies that his participation in union bodies relates primarily to referee/player relations.

Plenty for the climate, with a bit of a cramped and enchanted arch end for downtown demonstrations. Finally, the NFL, in a tone that effectively contrasts with the ordinary courtesy of the small world of football, poses a very simple problem. Can the protection of the historic club justify everything, especially all the behavior of the management? In this case she is doing just as well, just as Philippe Bhutto when he, as an elected official, asks in vain to require public assistance to ensure that all jobs are protected. The legitimate sympathy we felt for the crowd of supporters could not mask this intense return to reality, especially at the social level. The players and above all staff will pay the nurse for a situation in which they bear little responsibility…

Written by Nicholas Kisas Martov

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