US Presidency: How Trump planned to claim victory despite defeat

United States – “When you wake up Wednesday morning, it’s going to be a media storm.” On October 31, 2020, three days before the US presidential election, everything in Donald Trump’s camp was already planned to inflame public opinion by declaring victory on the ballot. Whatever the outcome.

This is what the media reveals on Tuesday, July 12 Mother Jones, based on a recording of Steve Bannon, a former adviser to Donald Trump during his first months in the White House. A voice in which we hear the leader of the far-right media explain in detail and with utmost precision what could happen after three days.

Challenge the score regardless of the outcome

What Trump will do is announce his victory. Steve Bannon made it clear to his audience that this doesn’t mean he won, but it will mean that he says he won. And that’s thanks to constant monitoring of American voting practices: “There are more people in our camp who go to the polls early. Democratic supporters vote by mail. So they will have a flaw and Trump will use it.” and the ex-adviser to declare it: “It’s our strategy.”

A plan, Bannon believes, will set the powder on fire across the country. “Antifa will go crazy, the media will go crazy, and so will the courts. And Trump will sit there quietly, tweeting things like, ‘I lost, I’m the winner, I’m the king.'”

“It would be crazy”

Because Steve Bannon senses it: After running this second consecutive presidential campaign, Donald Trump will be on the loose. “He’ll have nothing more to lose because after that day, he’ll never have to face an elector again,” he explains. He’d be able to fire Ray, the FBI director, saying ‘Damn you! “And why? Because it’s his last election. He would be completely insane!”

A relentless project in which all democratic conventions are planned to be overthrown, no matter what, Steve Bannon further details in an audio recording Mother Jones. “And if Trump loses early tonight, it will be even crazier because he will come to say that the Democrats stole the election from him. He will say he is going to ask the polls to be closed. It will be crazier.”

However, this plan was fully realized in practice. As soon as he started reaping positive results in the states most favorable to him, Donald Trump started talking about his victory. And for each vote played on relatively small differences, he – without evidence – shouted out cheating and declared him the real winner despite the system biased against him.

In short, a perfect implementation of the plan detailed three days in advance by his former advisor. To believe what Steve Bannon said about the “crazy” that the Trump clan’s strategy would cause, this sequence was ending two months later as the end of Donald Trump’s term drew near with the invasion of the Capitol and a heavy blow to American democracy. .

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