Valentin Leonard (Pékin Express) at her worst: His mom is just ‘crying’, and shocking revelations

Valentine Leonard just completed a chapter in his life yesterday. It is worth noting that the Grand Final of the Beijing Express took place on August 10, 2022. We note that this young man was one of the finalists for this amazing adventure. In fact, the latter should now feel very relieved. But on the contrary, this experience opened the door to other concerns in his life. We tell you about them in this article!

Beijing Express: This adventure will stay at Valentine Leonard forever!

Before the Beijing Express, Valentin Léonard was already an avatar for the small screen. The latter has participated in other exciting reality shows in France. What pushed him the most to the top of the podium was his participation in Marseille!

In this exclusive, It captivated the audience so much. Apart from being very elegant, this young woman also has an impressive personality. Compared to the other candidates at the time, he was the most loyal and gentleman ever towards women!

Furthermore, we note that this may be the reason why Jessica Errero succumbs to his charms. Unfortunately, their story did not last long enough. After some time, Valentine Leonard and his new girlfriend signed up for the Beijing Express.

A competition that tested well the complicity of the new couple! Thanks to their lucky stars, the two lovers reached the final. This is despite the many difficulties they had to face! such trips, This adventure will remain engraved in the mind of this candidate.

This race for the clock has definitely tarnished its image!

Initially, Valentin Léonard’s intention to participate in this M6 program was to strengthen his reputation. A bad reputation he tried to build little by little in Marseille! Beijing Express may be the worst mistake of your life.

Instead of improving her image with the public, This totally broke her. what is the reason ? Many viewers of the program judged him without knowing him! In other words, his critics pointed the finger at him with unjustified arguments.

It is noteworthy that on several occasions fans of the show saw him scolding his girlfriend. In other words, his traveling companion for a few trifles! Therefore, Beijing Express viewers considered him a tyrant and dictator on the Web.

However, this is a far cry from the image that he wanted to convey to the audience through these actions. At Télé Leisure, Rachel Legrain-Trapani is questioned about it. As much as you can, this is the former Miss France She tried to clear her boyfriend’s honor. It was in vain!

Beijing Express: The accusation against Valentin Leonard hurts his mother!

True, the Beijing Express completed its on-screen feat this year. However, the attacks on Rachel’s friend Legrain Trapani are still relevant.

Seemingly This saddens this young man because these rumors only increase tenfold.

Speaking on social networks, the Beijing Express 2022 candidate begged his subscribers to stop these lawsuits.

Valentin Leonard admitted that it ruined his whole life. Then he said Willing to put up with everything, but on the other hand, his mother is broken from this situation.

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