Valentin Leonard: The couple with Rachel Legrain-Trapani impressed critics? his painful secrets

Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Valentine Leonard I agreed to travel to Sri Lanka to participate in Beijing Express, dual shock. The pair encountered other personalities in order to raise money for the Accolade Association, which works to improve care for children with cancer and their families. Immediately, Miss France 2007 and her companion had a wonderful adventure. But broadcasting was another story for the latter.

Since the first episode, Valentin Léonard has had to face harsh comments on social networks. Netizens criticized him for his behavior towards his companion with whom he experienced many tensions. So he had a bad experience broadcasting episodes as he was captured during an interview with our colleagues from TV star. “I didn’t realize it because I didn’t have a perspective on what I was saying. I’m not necessarily proud of my reactions and the way I speak. After that, I’m not, I don’t think I’m a bad person For people who know me. But it’s true When I’m in a competition or in a stressful situation, I find it hard to manage my reactionsDedicated for the first time to a charming 33-year-old brownie.

I even got comments about my son

Valentin Leonard admitted that he was very angry with Rachel Legrain-Trapani throughout the adventure. And when he saw his reactions on TV, he didn’t live it.Not necessarily good“.”But From there to receive insults … It doesn’t bother me, I’m mentally strong, but when I see my loved ones, it’s different. I called my mom after the final, she was crying And I can tell you it’s weird. I even got comments about my son [Andrea, 2 ans, NDLR]…goes a long way. While we ventured for the sake of the adventure itself, it wasn’t for the money, not for the fame… it was for the sake of donating everything we had to the association.‘, he completed.

Broadcast contains at leasthelp in [ses] InteractionsOn the other hand, it seems to be more difficult for him. Rachel Legrain – Trapani who regularly receives “Letters to tell her that her boyfriend is an idiot, and that her boyfriend is Sam“.”This won’t necessarily help…“Regrett. Then Valentin Leonard made no secret of it a little disappointed“holographic of the show that focused their adventure”On 90% disputes and 10% positiveBecause of this, he did not want to watch the final broadcast on Wednesday, August 10 (as they lost to Ennis Rig and her sister Ennis).”I just wanted to watch the ending, and to the end I found that in terms of the pictures, from our side, it was a lot less intense than what we experienced, and I find that a shame. I don’t really understand why the last event we won wasn’t shown, we won by hands and we were so good and so united‘, he finished.

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