Vendée: Gilbert Montagné, Emile et Images, Sébastien Patoche, Colonel Reyel … The Poupet Festival will end exactly on Friday

Poupet Déraille makes his big debut on Friday, July 22nd in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre. © Benoit Chevrier / Poupet Festival.

28,000 visitors to the festival disguised. Six hours Non-stop party. 23 artists On stage he has starred in an insane cast including Gilbert Montagne, Emile e Images, Theo Lavabo, Sebastian Batusch, Colonel Riel, Jesse Matador, Billy Crawford, Vincent Lagave, King Africa, Eiffel 65, Fodel…want more ?

this is Friday July 22 to me Saint Laurent-sur-Sivreerest assured: the Poupet Festival will be completely derailed!

The program for this third edition of the Poupet déraille is XXL. The evening will even be “the biggest global frenzy in France”, as the festival promised on social networks.

Three years later, it’s time…

Vendée audiences (and elsewhere) have been waiting for this event for three years. Three years after that, festival-goers kept their tickets warm in the drawer. They will be able to attend this giant music gallery Totally crazy and unique. And the atmosphere to the tunes of the best hits the eighties and 2000s.

It is also Gilbert Montagni He is the one who will launch hostilities on the stage, right after the group Goldmanwhich will provide an hour of performance to the sound of the legendary songs of Jean-Jacques Goldman.

Other artists will show in turn until after 1am. “They will only sing their own songs,” confirms Thomas Mendron, patron of the Poupet Festival. subordinate Midnight Demons to me tropical sunshinewayfarer Bo LaundryAnd the the one, or And when he farts, he pierces his underpants…Get ready to review your classics by Friday!

Giant karaoke on romeo and juliet

As is usual at the Poupet déraille, the world record must be broken this year. After recording “Synchronized Galoshes” in 2019 (8000 couples accepted the song Indeed by Richard Sanderson) and the biggest brioche dance of 2018 (10,000 participants), a venue in Giant karaoke 2022. 28,000 people will sing music together Romeo and Juliet, with the musical’s performers, Damien Sarge and Cecilia Cara, confirms Thomas Mendron. There is no doubt that Poupet-goers will become the kings of the world for this evening!

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Critics after the Stromae concert

The third edition of the Poupet déraille will in any case be the last evening of this year 35e Doll Festival. It is clear that the event fulfilled all its promises, even if the difficulties in accessing the site during the Stromae concert (40 thousand people), Friday 15 July, were highly criticized. We have sent our apologies to the festival-goers. Everything will be put in place so that this does not happen again on the evening of the Poupet déraille, this Friday. We’ll welcome 28,000 people, it’s a big scale, but it’s a third less than Stromae. I invite participants to come early enough, use cars as much as possible and park in our parking lots rather than in the surroundings. »

Poupet déraille Volume 3, Friday 22 July, 7:30 pm, in the clearing of Bois Chabot, in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre. Car parks open at 2 pm. full event.

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