victory and progress [Joueur par joueur Rodez-Bordeaux] – Girondin

Girondins de Bordeaux won their first success of the season in Rodez, 3-0. Let’s take a look at each player’s performance.

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David Geon : Eleven prospective players have lined up for this meeting. He trusts the automation created for two games and that proves he’s right. In addition, his team played forward with the aim of making themselves stand out. Finally, his training is a winner because it gives more playing time to the 11 starters. De Lima’s entry is decisive at the end of the match.

Gaetan Poussin : Criticized after his match against Valencia, he learned this week that he will be No. 2 after enlisting Lucille. However, Bordeliers responded in the best way. He delivers a clean and serious game in his interventions and reading of the game, and also proves to have a psychological response.

Jack Ikumi : Another great performance by the 18-year-old professional. He is imperial on his left side in his defensive tackles. Try 5 crosses in this meeting and take part in the attack game. score points.

Stian Gregersen Viking of the Girondins is solid and he proves it. He dominated the game in the air and in duels he was an imperial. Clean in excess.

Junior Mwanga : I am more comfortable tonight than facing Valencia. It completely covers the left side. He is also a master of duels and his upbringing is impeccable. It is a complement to Gregersen.

Malcolm Bukele : He adapts to this right-back position, he is a central defender. He did the job. Always an athlete in fencing, he tries to participate in attacks but does not feel comfortable in this sector of play.

Tom Lacko : Some criticize him for playing side or back. He showed in this match that he knows how to play forward. The first to lift the team, directs the match with a short or long pass. Increases strength on a physical level. He was a leader and talked a lot with his teammates. Watch out for bullet losses in the danger zone.

Francierge : First term and first critical pass. The Brazilian goes forward and gives a goal ball to Dylan Bacoa. He also won duels (6).

Danilo Ahnatenko Good in the first half with his first goal of the match with a shot close to the post. And less quality in the second half with leaps in focus and ease of losing balls.

Logan Delaurier Choupette : He boosted his game with 7 duels he won against Rhodes, versus the match against Valencia where he lost all his duels. He is a good dodger, raising conflicting errors. Twice he wanted to make the decision on his own instead of having his partners play, be careful.

Dylan Bakwa : confirms his good behavior. Fast, evasive and fast. He makes the difference in his actions. He scored the second goal by sending from Frangio. He is physically fit. He cannot be stopped in office.

Josh Maja : In the shadows all this meeting with touching only 17 balls. He does not have a single chance to register. It frees up spaces for partners. On top of that, he still looks so physically fair that he just can’t be decisive. David Guion knows this, and it has given him 90 minutes of playing time on the field.

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