Vingegaard wins Hautacam and knocks out Pogacar, summary and ranking

France tour. The 18th stage of the Tour de France on Thursday 21 July was a lesson for the Jumbo Visa with a solo victory for Jonas Weinggaard heading into his first Tour de France. The race is live.

21:00 – A glimpse of the 19th stage of the Tour de France

The end of the live broadcast. Assembly completed! Make way for a transition on Friday 22 July for the Tour de France of 188 km between Castelnau-Magnoac Cahors that should satisfy runners, or a long separation if the peloton needs breathing.

20:40 – The reaction of Emmanuel Macron, who is on the stage of the Cycling France

“A lively stage, with a lot of attacks. We saw who was the boss of this tour, he ran the whole time, he was able to win (Pogacar) the last climb. The crowd was extraordinary, we saw throughout this tour.. the tour is the legacy of the landscape and the sporting heritage. ..there is a connection because it is a is a way of vacationing for a lot of people (I’ll save you a little buying power for a moment that’s well worth it), “Great free sport on France TV and asking about Paris 2024, just know we have to be the best”, explained the president.

8:20 p.m. – Bardet: “I got heat stroke”

Romain Bardet, still lagging during the 18th stage of the Tour de France, indicated that he had another heatstroke. “I said I had no certainty at the start of the tour. I had a heat stroke in the Spandelles, I got excited. When I burn, I can’t stand the heat. There is no miracle, the level is too high and without perfect preparation…”

20:00 – Pinot: “It’s a good day for us with Gaudu”

“I was a little better than yesterday, and I’m happy to finish the match on a not so bad note. It’s a good day for us with Gaudu. Van Aert left right from the start, when I saw him training in the pass, I knew it was a great day,” said Tibaut Pino upon the 18th stage. From the Tour de France.

19:40 – Bad operation for Bardet

Sixth in the general classification ahead of the 18th stage, Roman Bardet finished 6’40“ behind today’s winner, Jonas Weinggaard. The Frenchman is now eighth in the general classification, 16’11” behind the Dane.

7:20 p.m. – Van Aert: “We wanted to attack”

“It was a really crazy day for me,” explained the green Tour de France jersey. “I know I can be very strong in the mountains for a day, when I’m focused on that. I told the team it was a day we could do something together. We wanted to deal with it.”

19:00 – Vingegaard Polka Dot Shirt

By winning the 18th stage of the 2022 Tour de France, Jonas Weinggaard becomes the new wearer of the polka dot jersey. Dane athlete ensures that the jacket is held to the final finish if he completes the Grande Boucle.

18:40 – Vingegaard’s victory video

Relive the final meters of the Hautacam climb with the brilliant victory of Jonas Vingegaard, more than ever the leader of this Tour de France.

18:20 – Vingegaard wanted to win for his daughter and wife

“This morning, I told my wife and daughter I wanted to win for them. I did it, it’s great. I was glad it was over because it was so tough today. There are still two days left, we have to stay and focus,” Jonas Weinggaard explained after winning the 18th stage. From the Tour de France.

6:10 p.m. – Vingegaard heads toward first lap, Gaudu 4th

Barring an unwelcome accident, Jonas Weinggaard should win his first Tour de France this Sunday. The Dane is now 3’26 ahead of the outgoing double-winner. Good news for the French, David Gaudu has had a very good stage and is now fourth overall.

18:00 – Top 10 in the 18th stage of the Tour de France

Jonas Weinggaard won the 18th stage of the Tour de France between Lourdes and Hotakam, ahead of Tadig Bojacquard and Wat Van Art while two Frenchmen finished in the top 10.

17:50 – Gaudo is fifth in the stage

Fantastic operation for David Gaudu who finished fifth in the 18th stage of the Tour de France 2022. The Frenchman was third in the general classification, Geraint Thomas.

17:40 – Pogacar 2nd, Van Aert 3rd

Knocked out by Jonas Weinggaard on the final climb of the Hotakam, Tadej Pogakar finished second on the 18th stage of the 2022 Tour de France as the day’s rider, Waut van Aert completed the podium.

17:37 – Vingegaard’s victory!

The 18th stage of the 2022 Tour de France by Hautacam winner Jonas Weinggaard. Meanwhile, the Dane standardized his yellow jersey three days ago.

17:34 – Red Flame!

The final kilometer for Jonas Weinggaard, who will win the 18th stage of the 2022 Tour de France in Outacame, ahead of runner-up Tadej Pojaccar.

17:32 – two kilometers before the finish!

Jonas Weinggaard travels to victory in the 2022 Tour de France. In the hypothetical general classification, the Dane is 2’58 inches ahead of Tadej Pojjakar. Two kilometers to go to the yellow jersey before the finish line of the eighteenth stage in the Ootacam.

17:28 – Vingegaard is heading for victory!

After banishing Tadej Pogacar, Wout Van Aert got up to allow his captain Jonas Vingegaard to climb to victory during the 18th stage of the Tour de France 2022. A difference of nearly 30 seconds between the Dane and the Slovenian.

17:27 – Pojacar cracks

Wout Van Aert Tadej Pogacar cracked. The Slovenian was dropped by the Belgian and the yellow jersey Jonas Weinggaard.

17:24 – The gap between Gaudu and Quintana has widened

There is now a 50-second lead between David Godot and Nairo Quintana. Supported by Thibaut Pinot on the latest climb, the Frenchman heads for fourth in the general classification.

17:23 – Seb Kos woke up

Linking up with the two leading men, Seb Koss rose to allow Wout Van Aert to lead Jonas Vingegaard to victory during this 18th stage of the Tour de France 2022.

17:19 – Van Aert and Martinez lead, six kilometers from the finish

The gap is narrowing between the breakup and the yellow jersey set. Only 26 seconds separate the duo of Van Aert and Felipe Martinez and the trio of Pojacar, Kos and Vinggaard.

17:16 – Pick up the pinot, let go of Thomas

While the yellow jersey group had just taken over by Thibaut Pinot, Seb Koss took the opportunity to rev up the pace again. Geraint Thomas was brought down by the Kuss – Pogacar – Vingegaard trio.

17:14 – 30 seconds before Gaudu

After his attack, David Gaudu is now 30 seconds ahead of Nairo Quintana.

17:10 – Van Aert attack

While behind Daniel Felipe Martinez and Thibaut Pinot since the Cole de Spandell descent, Wut van Aert attacked the riders. Only the runners from the Ineos-Grenadiers formation resisted.

17:08 – Judo Quintana attacked

David Gaudu is in the process of searching for fourth place in the general classification. In the same group as Nairo Quintana of the Col de Spandelles, the Frenchman of the Groupama-FDJ attacked the Colombian. The gap between runners is 15 seconds.

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