Violence and harassment and now robbery .. the fall of the actor Ezra Miller

Stuck in these different stories, the actor sees his projects melt like snow in the sun and give Warner Bross a hard time. star star/spouss/abaca

a hero flash He has appeared in court six times since the beginning of the year and Vermont authorities are now suspected of burglary.

Things are not looking for Ezra Miller. The 29-year-old actor, who was revealed in 2011 in we needto talk about kevinthen praised for his participation in Charlie’s world and for adorable animals He was enshrined by dressing up as the flash superhero in 2017. But his recent fame has brought to light the young comedian’s most questionable behavior.

Ezra Miller is now charged with breaking into a Vermont home and stealing several bottles of liquor. The facts were to happen on the first of May. “Initial results indicated that several bottles of alcohol were taken from the house when the owners were not present.”Explain to the police today. The actor was identified on surveillance videos; Several identical testimonies overwhelm him and the police report again reveals. Here is Ezra Miller’s invitation to appear on September 26th. second.

I get to hell

Because the accusation of burglary is added to the many cases in which Ezra Miller was already mentioned. The first major event happened in 2020. In a video posted on social networks, we discover Ezra Miller strangling a woman on the floor in a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. In January 2022, the actor was again accused of violence. While living in Hawaii, he was arrested twice. Once for driving under the influence and again for harassment and inappropriate behavior at an island bar. But the producers and agents who trusted the actor have yet to see anything. In June 2022, the press revealed that two young girls had obtained restraining orders against him. The first, Tokata Iron Eyes, is 18 years old. His parents accuse the actor of violence, threats and manipulation of their daughter, whom he has been dating since she was 12 years old. The mother of the other complainant obtained a restraining order after finding out that the 29-year-old comedian was dating her daughter because he found out A powerful mystical being.

In June 2022, rolling rock The magazine, in turn, tells that the actor would have welcomed a woman and her three children on his Vermont farm. According to the actor’s defense, he hosts them to escape domestic violence. For his part, the husband accuses the actor and his ex-girlfriend of letting his children develop amid firearms and cannabis.

Stuck in these different stories, the actor sees his projects melt like snow in the sun and give Warner Bross a hard time. While the results of the past Fantastic monsters Raising doubts about a possible sequel, it is difficult for the cinema giant to sit on its film flash scheduled for June 2023 and its $200 million budget. It remains to be seen how the film will be promoted, which is led by Ezra Miller… ScreenRantStudios are already making arrangements to expel the actor from the DC Comics universe.

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