Warner is considering three plans due to Ezra Miller’s legal troubles

Faced with Ezra Miller’s inability to commit a crime, Warner will consider three options to get out of Sparkle.

Is to believe that shots Curse of the gods of cinema. In fact, it has been several years (eight, to be exact) that Barry Allen’s solo adventures have suffered from a lot of disappointments. However, after accusing a whole series of endless delays, a complete halt in its development and, of course, a pandemic, the feature film that sealed DC Comics finally seemed to be on the right track.

This was of course without relying on the pathological disability of Ezra Miller (who, as we remember, defines himself as non-binary, in fact justifying the use of inclusive writing) Keep calm for more than five minutes without committing any offense. The actor already seems intent on doubling down on setbacks with justice, which, of course, could only stop the release of the Miller-led film.


A delicate situation Warner Studios has, so far, tried to shake under the rug, while hoping Miller would decide to replace himself with decent behavior. Which is clearly not going to happen. After strangling a fan in an Icelandic pub, terrorizing half of Hawaii, hanging out with several minors, kidnapping a single mother and her children, and recently accusing them of burglary, Ezra Miller continues to make mind-boggling headlines every day.

So many adventures that definitely pushed the studios back Sparkle To seriously think about the future of the shots. In fact, if it was indeed fairly certain that Miller risked being kicked out of the DCEU, the details and exits about the film’s release, for their part, remain murky. So, according to its source The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. would have thought Three different options in order to save furniture to the maximum.

Justice League Zack Snyder: photoIn Therapy series, available on Disney+

The first alternative will depend on the goodwill of Ezra Miller Get psychological help. Accompanied by his mother recently, the actor will currently be more stable, possibly inclined to pursue some form of therapy. If necessary, he would allow Miller to return to his position of the last few years in a public interview, which would, in the long run, allow him to (in part) promote the film.

If d’aventures Miller refused to help, Warner could have resorted to a second alternative, and Out Sparkle As if nothing had happened. Of course, in this case, the actor will be completely excluded from the promotional tour for the film.

Justice League: Snyder Cut-Ferro, Ezra MillerEzra Miller stands proudly on the ruins of The Flash

The third and final alternative, which will only be considered if Miller continues his turbulent momentum: Warner Bros. He avoids himself embarrassing promotion and It simply cancels the versioning of the snapshots. Given that the movie is almost over, and Ezra Miller is in the title role, his/her replacement would simply be out of the question.

The solution is radical, especially if we take into account 200 million dollars invested in the production Sparkle. So the possibility of the studio scratching the footage from its schedule is unlikely, but given the current circumstances, it’s not impossible either.

We can easily imagine CEOs pulling their hair out to develop this great trilogy. Especially since the current president of Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav had recently confirmed that the film would indeed be entitled to a theatrical release. So it looks like the future of the footage now lies entirely with Ezra Miller.. Suffice it to say that it is longer.

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