“We couldn’t see ourselves going beyond the first stage…”

Maintenance work – The comedian and his eldest son pursued their dream of winning the M6 ​​adventure game.

At the end of a very beautiful course, Ines Rig and her sister Anis won the “Pékin Express: shock duos” against Miss France Rachel Legrain-Trapani and her lover Valentin Léonard. Very soon, the two women look back on this extraordinary adventure they dreamed of participating in since childhood.

TV Magazine. – How did you react when you won the final?
Ennis Reg. – It was a fireworks full of emotions! We wanted to break down in tears and couldn’t do that much, it all got mixed up in our heads. We didn’t see us go further than stage one, and in the end, we finished the game!
Anais. – I checked every track we made with the galleys we crossed. I could not believe it, I repeated: “We won? We succeeded?”. It was crazy!

What does it mean to you to sign up for “Beijing Express” and win?
to me. – I wanted to prove to myself that I could be there, to outdo myself and to do so with my sister so that she, too, would outdo herself, and see our complicity. I’ve always dreamed of doing this show, but I could never have imagined doing it so well…we experienced sick emotional lifts.
I.- The kids in our parents’ apartment showed us watching the show and saying to each other: “We will share someday”, knowing that no! I confess that I have an intense, violent and immense love for my sister. I had no doubts about the relationship I had with her, but getting through these adversities together is amazing! we laughed a lot …

Looks like you never argued…
I.- Since we were very young, we rarely argue. Four years apart and we’ve always been very close. Then there were the ‘Beijing Express’ moments where it was a little more difficult, but we got to know each other so well that all it took was just one look. “I will kill you if you continue.” So that we understand each other and calm down.

What made the difference in your opinion?
to me. – Our strength is really our complicity and the trust we have in one another. I don’t necessarily have to trust myself, and when my sister tells me I’m going to succeed, I believe her.
I.- I think our driving force was also the desire for the happiness of the other. I wanted my sister to see the exceptional person that she is, to be happy and to be proud of herself. And she wanted the same for me.

What did you learn about each other?
to me. – I knew my sister was pretty strong, because of her career and her life, but when I saw her run through elephants, run around or eat bull testicles, I knew she had a great mind!
I.- My sister has always found a wonderful person in her daily life. I thought I’d find fault with him on hard times, but that made me think I was lucky to have him.

“At the time of the final, I have the impression that I am in a trance, something divine. I told him in the morning: We will win my sister because we want to.

Ines Reg

How did you go about that final, we felt you were very happy…
I.- At the moment of the end, I get the impression that I am in a trance, something divine. I told him in the morning: We will win my sister because we want to. It was inconceivable that we had come so far, for me, it was no accident: the victory was ours! She continued by saying: “It’s no use stressing, we have to enjoy because it’s a wonderful moment in our lives that we will never experience again.”. I still have shivers. I was sure of myself!
to me. – Ines smiled throughout the final, not nervous but very positive, she took the time to have fun. She was happy and that calmed me down.
I.- It was the best day of our lives and yet we got married!
to me. – She also gave birth to a child…
I.- Well, it was the second most beautiful day of your life but for me it was the best (laughs).

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You are facing Rachel and Valentine. Did they scare you?
to me. – They are formidable competitors because they are so fit and have won many events. But we shouldn’t think too much about it, we should tell ourselves we’re going to get there.
I.- In the adventure, we really liked them, they are fun. When we met and told each other about our adventures, we cried with laughter. They are good people and we were happy to be in front of them. After that, it is true that physically, it was impossible to imagine that we could win.

“We were not equal in facing the game, some fair play, some less and some angry”

Ines Reg

With other candidates you seem to have connections with some and less with others…
I.- We all got along just fine. We had two days off during the adventure which allowed us to get to know each other a little better and there was a real bond between everyone. We were all different, I loved the combination. After that, we were not equal in the face of the game: some play fair, some less and some angry. But this does not detract from the good people.

Valerie Trierweiler It proved, for example, to be formidable. How did you react when you saw that the former first lady was on an adventure with you?
to me. – It surprised me, you can’t imagine it as a backpacking adventure! I was very moved by her acceptance. It was so cool to do this with Karen, her best friend. After that, they announce the color right away. They prepared themselves physically, and suddenly it was really important for them to succeed in sporting events. They talked a lot about their age and wanted to show that, even the oldest, they are still there. And they did a really good job!

How did you try to abandon Riyadh and Abdullah?
to me. – Abdullah handled the elimination of Anne and Teo Corinne very badly. I bothered him. Their last race was complicated, which affected their morale. And all of a sudden, he made it clear to us like that and we understood that he couldn’t make up his mind, he couldn’t get rid of someone because we’re all so connected. It was very touching and complicated to live with.
I.- It was a beautiful meeting, they are two beautiful souls. I find the word “abandonment” pejorative for men who gave everything and showed their hearts to preserve themselves, but also to preserve us. I admit that when we won we thought a lot about her. I find them amazing.

Did you see each other again?
First – when I played at Lille, Rachel and Valentine but also Aurora and Jonathan came to see me. We also had a meal with Xavier Domergue. Before the start of the school year, we planned to have a big meal together in memory of this wonderful adventure.

What are your best memories?
to me. – My favorite test, which was the most complex, was the tea test. We both outdid ourselves and after that, I told myself nothing would stop us.
I.- Before I left, I was afraid to ask the local families for hospitality. I am very shy and going into people’s homes, disturbing them, telling them to eat when they don’t necessarily have enough to set the table for their families, tormented me. Finally, it was the most beautiful moments of adventure. All these encounters gave us strength.

What is the most difficult?
I.- The whole adventure (laughs)! In the “Beijing Express”, everything is in the head. The hardest thing for me was getting into the mentality I have in my daily life. It took me a while to adjust before I felt indomitable in my head. After that, it was very hot!
to me. – Having watched all the seasons, I had no idea it was so stressful. We have constant stress: we are afraid of what will happen to us, of not finding a home, of our place in the race …

“The days and weeks after the adventure, we saw life differently. “Beijing Express,” changing someone”

Ines Reg

How was your return?
to me. – I’m a senior account manager and got back to work the day after I arrived. Returning to reality was very difficult. Since we couldn’t tell anyone, I needed to see my sister to really realize she was real.
I.- When we got back, we woke up every morning at 6am thinking Stefan Rothenberg would show up behind the bed to give us instructions (laughs)! I had time to rest one day, and the next day, I was on the stage of the Zenit Strasbourg. It was very special. I really wanted to say “You don’t know what I just did, I have to tell you!” The days and weeks that followed the adventure, we saw life differently. “Beijing Express”, someone changes. We re-registered at the gym… but it only lasted two weeks (laughs).

Did you watch the episodes together?
I.- yes ! At home with family, friends and neighbors… Nobody believed us: people stopped us in the street to tell us “I know you won’t win, but we’re behind you.”. We couldn’t wait to see the final match!

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