What if Dynamic Island in iPhone 14 Pro is installed on your Android smartphone thanks to this app?

The popular “Dynamic Island” feature of the iPhone 14 Pro, which causes a lot of ink to flow, is already available on Android by downloading a simple app. Not all is well so far, but the result is already promising.

With the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple introduced the feature dynamic island This makes it possible to display contextual information with an intelligent “tweak” that integrates the front camera module and various sensors for unlocking by facial recognition. An Android app that copies this process is already available on Android through the Play Store.

dynamic island Already available on Android via this app

This was expected and happened very quickly. Some Android manufacturers are already ready to copy dynamic islandbut developed by the name jaumu Roast priority for everyone. In fact, it already provides in the early access to the Play Store an app named “dynamicSpot – Multitasking”. As of this writing, there are already over 50,000 downloads.

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The app allows you to view recent notifications on a floating island positioned at the level of the camera module at the front of your phone. The developer has also thought about positioning the latter according to the location of the front camera on your phone.

Everything is not working well so far on iOS, but the app is already relatively compelling for a beta release. Some of the options are interesting, like the ability to display up to two pop-up notifications at the same time or swipe left to clear the disk.

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Some features are reserved for the paid version of the app (one-time payment of 3.99 €). This is the state of displaying a dynamic island on the lock screen or being able to long press on a window to make it larger or smaller. It is also possible to make it disappear automatically after the duration of your choice.

To make it work as well as possible, The app asks for full accessibility controls when setting it up. So it can control everything that is displayed on your smartphone screen or monitor interactions with apps for you. On the overview page “dynamic zone”However, the developer specifies that no data is collected or shared with third parties.

We have installed the app on a Samsung smartphone and it is working fine so far. Everything is not perfect yet and we are still far from the level of integration offered by Apple, but it is still promising for the early release. If you have tested it, feel free to share your feedback with us.

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