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In October 2018, Thierry Henry prepares to jump deep into the rock by taking over AS Monaco. In his bags, the Frenchman wants to bring Julian Stéphane, who was then little known to the general public. Stade Rennais refuses to release Guy Stéphan’s son and will give him the Breton Club wheel at the beginning of December, the outcome we know. But what would have happened if Stephen had followed Henry to ASM?

  • December 3, 2018: Jorvink replaces Lamouchi In December, Olivier Letang loses his patience and sends Sabri Lamouche off, with the crucial Europa League group final match against Astana looming. The decision of the head of Rin is surprising, but the name of the successor comes to reassure everyone: it is Jocelyn Gurvennik, barely returning to Gangan, who has arrived at Roazone Park. The enforcer in the 2014 final, the second that Rennes lost to Gangamp, is responsible.

  • February 27, 2019: Rennes eliminated from the Coupe de France After the quarter-finals, the confrontation between Stade Rennes and AS Monaco resulted in a sad draw. It was finally with a shot on goal from Sofiane Diop, the former home, Thierry Henry’s players qualified, without impressing. Julian Stefan gets a taste of the shadows, but leaves to greet his former players and teammates. A few days after the slap and elimination against Betis (0-4), Rennes de Gorvinc is heading towards a sad end to the season, without the slightest title. Once again, the British fall into line.

  • May 7, 2019: Harry Kane punishes ASMDix, days after winning the French Coupe against Paris Saint-Germain thanks to a late goal from Sofiane Diop. The return of the AFC Champions League semi-final turned into a nightmare, after Thierry Henry responded to insults from the team’s fans. Tottenham Harry Kane slapped. From the stands, Tite sees Julian Stefan achieve the feat of returning to a 3-3, before a harsh penalty kick from Harry Kane, after a handball from Andrea Raggi. Monaco bend over and see the last pass in front of their eyes. Harsh for a group that’s back out of nowhere in chicken thanks to duo Henry-Stéphan, before shoving the old lady out on the eighth, extinguishing the glowing youth of Ajax in the neighborhoods.

  • March 7, 2020: Historic derby Since the start of the season, Monaco continues to run at full speed, with the exception of their early elimination in the Coupe de France against Saint-Etienne at the end of January. Henry’s men are still in the Champions League race, sitting at the top of the French Ligue 1 ahead of Paris Saint-Germain. But the gap is narrowing as the Parisian machine ramps up at the start of March. After a draw in Nice, Monaco lead by only one point. They don’t know it yet, but Covid will make them champions of France 2020, despite Jean-Michel Aulas’ lobby to take over the championship.

  • July 2020: Tony Parker leaves Asvel, near Thierry Henry, Tony Parker has spent more time on the rock since his friend’s arrival in Monaco. At the end of the first confinement, during which the two men beat up Skyperus like everyone else, Thierry Henry offered his close friend to come and settle in the Principality to take over the Roca team in Monaco, rather than Asvel, which in any case, there is a danger of slipping into the lap of OL. Tired of Ulas’ position regarding the resumption of the tournament, Parker accepts and takes over the Prince’s club’s basketball division. On Twitter, Head of OL Fumes: “TonyParker is a great hero, but not a great leader yet. Bcp to learn MichelDenisotGervaisMartel #Vraisreconnaissentvrais”.

  • January 2, 2021: Thierry Henry at PSGA After a straight Champions League semi-final with AS Monaco, but also the title of France 2020 champion, Thierry Henry is the head coach on the Old Continent. Neck and neck with ASM in Ligue 1, PSG just knocked out Thomas Tuchel during the holidays. The Qatari leaders are in the midst of the 1998 world champion arriving in the capital without Julian Stéphane. The Monaco board of directors retains his assistant until the end of the season. A push option since ASM would take second place, at the wheel of Henry PSG.

  • May 23, 2021: Leclerc triumphs in Monaco after the 2020 edition was canceled due to Covid, the most glamorous Grands Prix is ​​back, in a Principality that never stops shining on the lawns and which is beginning to make a name on the court. Drunken and appreciative of this victory in Monaco, Charles Leclerc was in the lead at the wheel of his Ferrari. Since we didn’t overtake on the streets of Monaco, and since his single-seater was left intact at the end of the third quarter, the country kid finished racing on its streets for the first time. Better: it imposes itself. Between that and AS Monaco’s new Coupe de France win, Julien Stéphane’s first trophy in first place, the Rock celebrates.

  • May 28, 2022: Macron and Melenchon alignment turns the Champions League final at the Stade de France into a humiliation. Held in symbiosis all season by the trio of Messi, Mbappe and Neymar, Paris Saint-Germain is crashing against the collective strength of Klopp’s Liverpool, under the eyes of President Emmanuel Macron and his Prime Minister Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Thierry Henry invites you to vote “Everything but Marine Le Pen” Weighting presidential elections, especially in the West Indies. Winner with 52% of the vote, Macron had no choice. But this Parisian defeat offers the two men, Marseilles adopted, a first moment of complicity in front of the cameras. The emir of Qatar is upset. but whatever.

  • August 6, 2022: Racing celebrates its return to the top level after two difficult years in the second division, following the 2019 relegation at the end of the Lowry era, marked by their defeat in the Coupe de la Ligue final against Paris Saint-Germain. Guingamp orphaned by Gourvennec in the semi-finals), RC Strasbourg returned to Ligue 1. After trying Luka Elsner’s bet and finishing 16e From Ligue 2, the Alsatian club entrusted David Guion, who relieved the team. La Meinau displays its best colors for this comeback, and features a celebratory poster against France’s triple vice-champion. On the bench, Julian Stephan begins his second full season in Monaco, having led the club to second place. When Thierry Henry, who was sacked from Paris Saint-Germain, returned to Arsenal, the former assistant politely refused.

    Written by: Adrien Hémard-Dohain

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