What if one app replaced all those useful in your daily life?

Only one can remain. After a particularly crucial stage with individuals and merchants in Lille, the Dailyn app officially begins invading the national territory. Its founder, Arnaud Przybylski, has the ambition to make it the App App, the mobile version of the Swiss Army Knife for your everyday needs. He also gave himself the means through his management, especially from the Molise (Auchan) family, €11 million.

Admittedly, Dailyn won’t make you coffee, so don’t overdo it. However, this applet for smartphones brings at the heart of its icon five of the features most frequently used by the French on a daily basis. “In Europe, we tend to use one app for every job. One for messaging, one for the hairdresser, one for payment… We believe a daily app should meet all daily needs,” explains Arno Przybylski, Founding President of Dailyn.

WhatsApp, PayLib, Le Bon Coin…

And so the developers of Dailyn worked on creating 5-in-1. “First, we have Dailyn chat, which is an encrypted messaging system. It will also be the first WhatsApp-type messaging system to be hosted in France, assures the CEO. In terms of data sovereignty, it is a guarantee that no data will be seen The user you leave who knows where. »

The “super app,” as its founder calls it, also offers a payment functionality between friends or for making purchases at partner merchants like Paylib or Apple Pay. “It’s an e-wallet that you can rely on in real time with your bank card,” says Arnaud Przybylski.

Another interesting function is the Dailyn Store, which allows you to buy products directly from the app’s professional merchants or partners. Without moving ahead with the implementation deadline, the Dailyn chief adds that his teams are “also working to expand this functionality for buying and selling between individuals as can be done on Le Bon Coin.”

The app also includes a functionality to create and share content with a community and another that allows you to organize or discover events around you.

So, of course, having so much data concentrated in one app can be worrisome in many ways. On the reselling of personal information, the CEO is clear: No. “We combine the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will never sell user data to third parties,” he says. In terms of hacking, it guarantees maximum security, especially due to the encryption of its application.

During the testing phase, more than 30,000 users and 2,000 merchants were registered. More than enough to improve the latest version thanks to their feedback before it was released on the national market in September. This is partly what the 11 million euros recently raised will be used for, in particular with AFM, an association of the Molise family. “We are already 50 employees and we will need to hire more,” the CEO announced. Another part of this cat will be dedicated to unlocking new ‘everyday homes’, which are third places where users can find themselves ‘in real life’.

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