What should we remember from the first friendly match against Ajaccio?

With the eight recruits for the month of June, SM Caen’s 2022-2023 edition delivered their first prestigious win against AC Ajaccio thanks to a penalty awarded by Hugo Vandermersch and converted by Alexandre Mendy (1-0, 15). The meeting was not broadcast Malherb is inside He was present in Deauville and sums up what had to be remembered from this first trip.

🙂 We loved…

  • State of mind in the first half hour

The organizations fired quickly, and it was expected for the first preparatory match. But before that, Caennais showed subduing intentions with fairly high pressure and power in duels. Diane and Daubin are brave in recovery, court is advantageous with his technique and quality of passing, pistons available, anxious strikers… SM Kane advances. If it’s too early to ask them to maintain such a level of intensity for more than 90 minutes, achieving that as early as August would be great news for fans… and for the ratings.

  • Judson Kerimah Promises

During the first half hour, he was the most prominent offensive player. Thrilling, powerful-hitting, capable of getting into the heart of the game as well as gaining depth, having served multiple times by Hugo Vandermersch, former Annecy provided a sample of the board that enchanted the National last year. . His responsibilities won’t be the same depending on whether or not the club brings in a new striker to replace Nuno da Costa, but the No. 17 has scored points for his return to Normandy. It appears to have the traits of evolution as a free electron to support the attacker.

  • Grenta Quentin Dubin

With his broad shoulders, Viking beard and lumberjack look, the former Palois is a far cry from the slender silhouette of Johann Lebenant, who comes to numerically replace him in front of the defense. Present in duels, often in good standing and never skimping on effort when the game calls for him to move forward, the best player in Ligue 1 offered back-to-back slayings to his first opponent in red and blue. The character he showed in his races and interventions should also be interesting in the future.

  • The scene of Bilal Ibrahimi

Although it was difficult to move forward after only half an hour of play, Bilal Al-Ibrahimi managed to do it in style. Available, ubiquitous and inspired by the ball, the designated substitute Jesse Dimingut flew over the end of the game and scored points. The former Dunkirk looks comfortable with the ball and asks to see him again for just over half an hour against a boring opponent.

but also :

– Full team review conducted by Stephane Mullen, who used 21 players off the field

– Yoann Court confirmed in midfield, it definitely looks more comfortable and one-sided

– Caleb Zadi Sri returns to a field whose season ended with injury in February

– Gabriel Diagne and Johan Obiang app

– Kappa’s main shirt, wearing more beautiful than in the picture

🙁 We loved less…

  • The scheme with three exchangers and two collectors

With a joint of three protected by two professional defensive midfielders and a Yoann Court over 10, the Stéphane Moulin-designed team had the advantage of being well in place. However, she may have looked wary once the Corsica side set foot on the ball, against an opponent who wasn’t too drawn to the goal. The interventions of Bilal Al-Ibrahimi and Caleb Zadi Sri, covered by the only player Iyad Mohamed, made it possible to re-balance the match that Kenny suffered more and more. With an extra offensive profile at the heart of the game, Malherpestis put their foot back on the ball and quickly became dangerous again. She took advantage of the ball better and more vertically, and progressed thanks to the combinations between Brahimi and Abdi and the individual exploits of Zadi Sri.

  • Highly sterile holding stages

Badly repeated for several seasons despite technician changes, Caennais found difficulty to make their holding stages pay off. The penalty was obtained after a fixed piece, and the positions created were on counterattacks. Of course, there is still time to work on the automatic, and Stephane Mullen himself has emphasized that there is no connection between the offensive and midfield, positioned too low. Awaited every year since his relegation by the majority of Ligue 2 residents who see him as a top player in the tournament, SMC often find themselves in this formation facing low blocks ready to stand up. So get ready for it now.

  • Complicated start for Anthony Mandrea and Roman Thomas

Anthony Mandrea used little during the match and was supplemented by Johan Obiang on his streak for the Corsica’s only real chance. He took the opportunity to communicate a lot with his players on the field. But with inaccurate kicking and many hesitations on his outings, including bad negotiating outside his area that earned him a yellow card, the ex-Angevin still has to adjust some settings. The same goes for Roman Thomas, his former partner in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Flawless in the air from the top 93 metres, Captain Norman sometimes found himself in difficulty behind his back and was frantic as he returned from the locker room while spotlighting Ajaccio. Don’t worry, there’s still three weeks of preparation and four friendlies to figure out the rhythm and get directions.

but also :

Some dangerous situations for Alex Mendy

– The disputed 15-minute short Norman Bassett and Muhammad Hafeez

– Lamine Sy positions on the right axle and Noé Lebreton on the right piston

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