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With two wins and a draw, the French team finished fairly easily at the top of their Group D. If the matches against Belgium (2-1) and Iceland (1-1) could be a little more hanging than their counterpart against Italy (5-1), the boat wouldn’t be Blue has gone a long way in this first part of the journey. The French, facing the defending Dutch champions on Saturday in the XXL quarter-finals, could face the first storm of their crossing. After the scorching heat, comesorange

England, Germany, Sweden, France. This is the leading quartet at Euro 2022. And if Corinne Deacon’s side may not have been the most impressive, the North saw their primary goal achieved twice out of three: to win. However, the results may be useful, but the content was not always flawless. This saga, which saw a stampede at the start of the match against the Italians, hooked against the Belgians and take refuge in Iceland, was not a quiet river for long so far. While seeing the level rise sharply against the Netherlands, second in their group on goal difference after Sweden, Corinne’s squad will be able to draw on their historical strengths, but they are also seeing the birth of some weaknesses.

Sakina yes

The left side of the tricolor group was definitely coach Deacon’s main question during preparation. And if Delphine Cascarino is finally chosen to take the top spot, it is Sakina Kerchaoui who has been shining in this lane since the start of the competition. This unprecedented Paris-Lyon Union in these major summer events already looks perfectly functional and functional, highlighting the qualities of each. It’s no coincidence that PSG sees their shirt flush with the number 7, which may come as a surprise considering his position as a side. Regularly, Kerchaoui shows himself aloft in his hallway, thus taking advantage of the spaces liberated by Cascarino who seems to understand his partner perfectly. When the wing moves, the side calls out deeply into the back; When Cascarino sticks to the thread, Karchaoui cuts inward; When Lyonnaise stands on her right foot, the Parisian split behind her…

Two important goals have already come from these groups on the wing. The second goal against Italy was scored by Marie Antoinette Catuto, while Karachaoui was not credited with a assist after a cross defensive foul, and Diani’s opening foul against the Belgians. A good drop every time, with the right timing, in the right place and the ability to turn the dangerous into the critical. Statistically, the one who now has 50 blue picks really stands out in this Euro.

Among the two games she has played in full, Sakina Kerchaoui is:

  • 7 successful passes out of 9 attempts.
  • 6 successful dribbles out of 8 attempts.
  • She won 26 duels out of 40 contested.
  • 3 air duels won out of 4.
  • 11 objections.

  • However, at Corinne Deacon, the question is always about balance. And if the latter can at times be a little wrestling with a lot of commitment on the part of the players, it’s important for the coach to return to something more conservative once the difference is made. In this case, Cascarino’s historic inability to play for 90 minutes could serve as an excuse for Cross’s technique to align its semi-systematic “double side”. This is how Selma Pasha, the full-back, replaces her club partner to form the left side who sees Kerchaoui become a true defender once again while the young left-back raises himself a notch higher, not forgetting the primary objective: closing his side.

    knife in the back

    Specifically, because the main concerns ultimately lie on the other side of the field. A knife in the back ready to sting or a sword of Damocles over the head ready to strike… Whatever expression is used, Team France has its share of weaknesses, and they mainly reside in the space left behind midfield defences. Trapped from the outset against Italy in this area before being miraculously repelled by Pauline Perrod Magnin and then punished in a similar position against Belgium, the French women see their backs as a true Achilles’ heel. And if that failure is taken to rest mainly against teams that are supposedly weaker than the Blues are supposed to dominate, and therefore play higher, it will likely dissipate as the competition progresses. There is a small problem, however: Deacon players will certainly be less on the ground against the Netherlands, as the opponent is more likely to hold them back, but the latter will also have a greater individual quality to rush to the slightest small penetration.

    The main solution used to solve these natural problems that appear regularly in dominant teams: offside play. However, this process requires time, work and a certain complicity between the players trying to set it up. If the selector does not necessarily insist on this seemingly animation, it is also difficult to get an effective return from a hinge in constant development. Captain Wendy Renard is still the first name checked on the match sheet, but that hasn’t stopped her from confusing the right axis with the left axis, thus navigating the association with her historic partner Griedge Mbock. and A├»ssatou Tounkara. As a result, France and Holland are the only quarter-finalists who have conceded at least one goal during each group game.

    But the chronic instability around Captain Renard was unexpected. The certainty and serenity that surrounded the rune’s hinge in preparation and for several years faded as soon as she entered the run. And so the very cautious Corinne Deacon decided to create Tonkara alongside Renard, to take charge from Mbok in an area she rarely occupies, on the bench. The Atletico Madrid player had finally played more minutes than Greg Mbok in the group stage, which is a huge surprise. This unexpected redistribution of cards also seems to weaken legendary Wendy Renard who, in addition to seeing the passage of time (she celebrated her 32nd birthday this Wednesday), sees herself upset in her personal and collective milestones. She’s still dominant in duels and set pieces thanks to her 87m, but Martinique wasn’t as reassuring defensively as usual. She was responsible for some fouls against Italy and thus provided obvious opportunities and fear for all Les Bleues fans, and is also concerned about the Belgian equaliser after a bad cover… The Antilles rock is still strong and dominant, but no longer seems to be the all-risk insurance that has led him To participate in 135 international matches.

    Life without Katoto

    However, Renard is a captain that Les Bleues can always find along the way, unlike the attack spearhead of Marie Antoinette Catuto. Cast off her thoughts about her future after deciding to extend to Paris Saint-Germain until 2025, MAK is starting to get her Euros in the best way possible. Top scorer against Italy after 12 minutes and brilliant in the match on the ground from the 13e A minute against Belgium, then Katoto sees his European end prematurely. Evaluation: A meniscus crack and a rupture of the anterior ligament of the right knee who must have surgery at the end of the week. Then an unexpected question arises directly for Deacon: How does he replace his star, author of 26 goals in 32 selections, under the blue jacket?

    “I have a team for the quarter-finals yes… I like covering my tracks” The coach announced after the last meeting of the first round against Iceland. After confirming that she would not trade 4-3-3, Deacon announced that she had made her decision. If it is still difficult to be conclusive as to the name of the person who will occupy the bow of the blue boat against the Flying Dutchwomen, the choice remains between three girls: Ouleymata Sarr, Kadidiatou Diani and Melvine Mallard. The first, No. 9 of drills, had replaced Catuto against Belgium in a change of position that the coach particularly liked. Comfortable with her back in the game, but less effective in front of goal than her predecessor, the Paris FC player delivered a great hour of mixed play. The second, despite a certain versatility, gives complete satisfaction on the right side to his coach who hinted that Judge Diane should not leave his ward. For the third case, his condition appears to be in full mutation.

    “When we picked 23 players, we doubled the positions, so it makes sense for the player who was the second attacker to start.” Deacon was fired before the last game, which was supposed to give Sarr the go-ahead. However, I felt muscle discomfort before facing Iceland in a low-stakes team lock-up match, and this is where Melvin Mallard starts off the lead. She who was supposed to be the shadow of Diane on the right finally turns into a leading player up front. And if Olimata Sarr could only have played 11 minutes at the end of the match to protect her from her minor injury in the face of upcoming fixtures, Lyonnais scored points. The fastest goalscorer at Euro 2022 and in the history of the French national team in this competition, Mallard waited just 43 seconds before distinguishing herself after an action taken from start to finish. Prepare for the goal to launch Mathieu, finish with your left foot at the entrance to the rooftop and celebrate his partner who made it back to France prematurely. In less than a minute, the 22-year-old will certainly have succeeded in questioning her coach’s radical hierarchy. Who has scored 13 goals in 17 games this season at OL, was able to stand out in addition to her goal by being extremely mobile and precious by returning to the game to serve the expectations of relay runners, thus providing a fifth assist in five games for Clara Mathieu. Today it’s hard to tell which side Corinne Deacon will take between the shape of a Lyonnaise moment or the natural ease of a Parisian for the job. One thing is for sure, that today’s advanced attacker’s job is to represent the gear that makes it possible to nest multiple attack pieces from the blue ones. Supporting the expectations of the midfielders and being in the ramifications of the many player positions on both sides, among others. There is no doubt that this choice is one of the main factors for the continued European search for Les Bleues.

    Awarded for 103e A minute after two tri-color goals were canceled by the VAR, the Icelandic equalizer distorted a table that had hitherto looked perfect for Corinne Deacon, thus putting an end to France’s 17 successive victories. However, the results of this result can be put into perspective in light of the rate of change achieved and the partial importance of the match for the French women. When it comes to facing the European champions on Saturday night in Rotherham, a few questions remain. Mbok or Tunkara Khalaf? Matteo or Toletti in the middle? Mallard or Sarr in the lead? Lots of dilemmas that could (or not) allow the France team to finally see a top-of-fourth against the Netherlands.

    By Matthias Ribeiro

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