When a newspaper immersed in the far left attacks the ‘far-right wing’ of the media

“It would not occur to him that these ‘reactionaries’ had realized before him the ravages of Islamism, or Islamic anti-Semitism, or – we dare write it – the problems of insecurity resulting from mass or illegal immigration.” Joel Saget/AFP

Vigarovox / Chronicle – An article published on July 8 in Le Monde newspaper denounces the “infiltration” of the far-right in the media. To the lawyer, the newspaper seems to forget its indulgence towards the far left and the ideological turmoil that appears at the polls.

Jill William Goldendel is a lawyer and essayist. Every week, he breaks the news about FigaroVox.

In an article dated July 8, two journalists TheGlobalism, more specifically responsible for the media, invoke what they see as the normalization of “reactionary” intellectuals in the audiovisual media apparatus. The article is titled:How did the far right infiltrate the media?“.

Let’s leave the semantic question aside and ask ourselves what this outdated article does not question.

It is possible to ask whether the scientist He is aware of the ideological tectonic class uprisings or more precisely the discredit affecting the extreme left that he still looks at fondly.

This is the new ethical framework that Le Monde seems to find difficult to understand.

Jill William Goldendel

As far as denigration is concerned, the inconsistencies of behavior shown by France Insoumise during the recent sex scandals are the most baroque and incriminating representations of it.

I have already written here, in connection with the disappointing result of the Nupes and, conversely, the astonishing result obtained by the RN, that an invisible as well as indescribable dam seems to have been erected against the disturbing extreme left that was the newspaper. Mentioned above still do not want to rename.

This is the new ethical framework that the scientist He seems to find it difficult to understand.

Likewise, it would not have occurred to him that these “reactionaries” had grasped before him the ravages of Islamism, Islamic anti-Semitism, or – dare we write it – the problems of insecurity resulting from mass or illegal immigration. Where, who knows, a certain preferred opinion.

As for his eternal weakness from the far left in the way that the scientist He would have dealt with the Italian terrorists, whom he strives to call “militants” and for whom he has published several opinion articles, is but one of countless examples. And then in particular that the scientistSeveral tickets will be published presenting Batiste as innocent, before he pleads guilty. He adds ruthlessly that he has had little trouble convincing his friends to do so. . . We want to believe that, too.

But back to the July 8th article. bitterly the scientist He notes that the anti-wake “nationalist” Mathieu Boc-Cotti, Eugenie Basti of figaroCharlotte Dornellas current valuesElizabeth Levy from “Retro” the speaker In particular (may others forgive me) is welcome in the media today.

We will not afford ourselves the insolence of needless pleading for the commentators’ case.

The difference that exists between the ultra-left media vision as the article in Le Monde embodies it in a symbolic way and a more open culture, is that the former advocates censorship and exclusion without saying so, while the latter only aspires to pluralism. From opinions, saying so.

Jill William Goldendel

I would just like to show the asymmetric lack of thought in the paper which says so much about the tropics that it hardly hides.

For example, faltering journalists would not have thought of questioning the existence of a supposed Maoist in French culture, which also philosophically supposes the murder of millions by communist totalitarianism. Still in this audiovisual public service – intrinsically more constrained by ideological neutrality – there is no critical curiosity about the porosity that exists between France Inter and the far left Release.

Basically, if you really think about it, the difference that exists between the very left-wing media view is like the article From the world It embodies it in a symbolic way and a more open culture, that the former advocates censorship and exclusion without saying so, while the second, far from wanting to ban the expression of the highly left-wing personalities mentioned above, does not aspire to a plurality of opinions, by saying so.

To show with a smile that this is a rear-end elimination battle, this columnist will admit.

While a decade or two ago he wouldn’t rule out that he might have felt cowardly comforted being forgotten in the bandwagon of certain “extremists”, today he doesn’t rule out either feeling like a very slight narcissistic sting.

A way to show how much disqualification a newspaper is too permissive for the extreme left.

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