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in lizard meat, broadcast on Wednesday, August 10 at 8:55 p.m. On Artie, Claire (Charlotte Rampling, who remembers her beginnings in France), a wealthy heiress, escapes from the psychiatric clinic where she is imprisoned on the orders of her aunt, Madame Bastien- Wegener (Edwige Feuillère), who thus hoped to steal his fortune. On her journey, she meets Louis Delage (Bruno Kramer, heavily tested by filming La 317e Section), a breeder of horses she falls in love with. Chased by two assassins, the Brecian brothers, Louis is wounded and finds himself at Madame Bastian Wegner’s property. On her part, Claire who has gone to seek help, is kidnapped by the Brecian brothers, who have entrusted her to the care of a former circus artist, Lady Vamos (Simon Signoret) …

lizard meat : The beginning of fame for Patrice Chereau

When he directed this first film in 1975, Patrice Cherou, who died in 2013 causing a wave of acclaim among artists, was a huge success in the theater. since its launch dispute Di Marivaux in 1973, all of Paris attracts the services of a young man of 30 years. On the other hand, his notoriety is still confined to the world of theater, and the general public does not know his name yet. Orchid meat It would start to make him particularly well known because the film was nominated for two Césars in 1976, two for best decoration and best cinematography. But there is no tidal wave either. Adapted from the novel of the same name by James Hadley Chase, Orchid meat It’s not a mainstream movie and may be confusing at first glance. However, a four-star cast, including the enigmatic Charlotte Rampling and Bruno Kramer who died in 2010, and an ambitious theater make this film a hit, and it deserves the best action thriller. Above all, it marks Chéreau’s promising debut as a director already revealing his favorite themes, violence, passion, madness. A career as a director will realize its full potential after a few years.

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Coming soon dedication with Isabelle Adjani

Because this first film, of the eleven he will shoot through 2009, will allow him to gain momentum and make increasingly ambitious films, including Judith Thierbaufe In 1978 with Simone Signoret or the wounded man with Jean Hughes Engled in 1983. But in 1994 Patrice Cherou will gain public recognition with Queen Margot It was carried by the star of the era Isabelle Adjani, who recently denounced the position of some directors. Then a large number of awards fell to the film, including five Césars, two at Cannes and nominations in the most prestigious competitions such as the Bafta, the Golden Globes or the Oscars. The success would earn Chéreau several offers to work in Hollywood. He advances that he refuses to continue his theatrical work in France and to present opera, which is one of his interests. He will still know great success with the film Choral. Those who love me will take the train in 1998 before heading back to a more secret cinema.

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