Why pay rent when you can have an apartment on this lining?

Instead of selling tickets, cruise lines sell suites on their liners. Smart investors have acquired their own cabin and live year-round at sea.

Sailing is fun 365 days a year. Are you having difficulty buying an apartment in Paris? So why not buy yourself a liner? Not quite, of course – it costs at least 250 million euros – but the new fashion among builders is selling apartments on their own ships to individuals. Ready to move?

That’s what passengers do on The World, a 196-meter-tall 12-storey floating building, all built in 2002. Today, the owners of the 165 cabins – real apartments – enjoy four restaurants, two swimming pools, a jogging track, a surfing marina, a cabaret Night and art gallery, etc.

Welcome to the neighborhood. As in any urban center, they also have access to a medical center, florist, chapel, and bars. Normal neighborhood life, except that these neighbors meet every year to vote on future destinations for their endless sea voyage.

Of course, initially it was necessary to pay between 3 and 15 million euros depending on the size of the “cabin”. To which must be added ship maintenance and personnel costs (280 crew members). But the owners – mostly retired Americans and Australians explain Le Figaro – They also benefit from the main tax advantages, as they reside abroad …

Two worlds apart. Deciding to sell your attic to join the club of these permanent cruisers? There are other projects like The World, the most ambitious of which is MV comboWith an area of ​​225 m, launched by the company in 2016 Storylines Who wants to become one of the cleanest ships in the oceans.

MV Narrative will start in 2024 and 500 apartments ranging in size from 22 to 200 square meters are for sale. The smallest is close to 300,000 euros and the largest is 8 million each. Add a €200 fee per month per person, but after all it’s included. Meals, laundry, heating, electricity…everything. For that price, you’ll have free access to one of 20 restaurants, 3 pools, a theater, golf, bookshops, offices, a brewery, and even a recording studio.

On the other hand, Storylines is doing its best to reduce its environmental footprint, notably thanks to its CNG push, heat recovery, hydroponic garden where vegetables will grow, and its strict plastic-free policy. Promises make pale digital natives Living in their truck?

To celebrate its launch, MV combo It will depart for 1,000 days around the world with 3 day layovers per port. If you are tempted but a little dry in the bank account, know that it is possible to sublet your apartment for a period of time, about 3200 euros per month. What do you make your head above the water?

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