William Ruto, ‘broadly resourceful’ candidate

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During a vigorous campaign, William Ruto introduced himself as A self-made man By an extraordinary destiny: Ibn Falah of the high plateaus of the Rift Valley who ascended without resistance to the echelons of Kenyan power largely dominated by the great political dynasties. In other words, a self-person who is about to complete his long ascent to the top of the state.

The final step of the saga, the accession to the State Palace, comes on Tuesday, August 9. The 55-year-old vice president is fluctuating with rival Raila Odinga in the polls. A duel he hopes to win by presenting himself as the people’s candidate “Normal”It is mired in an economic crisis marked by inflation and corruption. Even if it means forgetting that he was the president’s right-hand man nine years ago.

As a teenager, he sold peanuts and chicken barefoot on the side of the road

To overthrow the political aristocracy, embodied by the current head of state, Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, both of whom inherited the strongmen of Kenya after independence in 1963, William Ruto set out to attack the voices of his namesake. “trick”Those who find it difficult to manage meet odd day jobs. calls himself “Main fraud” (Leader of scammers). To illustrate this, his coalition, Kenya Kwanzaa (Kenya First), adopted a wheelbarrow as its campaign image. The main action is the creation of a fund to help precarious workers.

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A man of humble origins who grew up in Uasin Gishu Province (West), William Ruto loves to fuel his legend as a man of the people. He was going to buy his first pair of shoes at the age of 15. Before that, he sold peanuts and chicken, barefoot, on the roadside in this area known to be the home of long-distance runners.

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William Ruto was certainly wise during his adolescence, before being discovered by President Daniel arap Moi (1978-2002), who propelled him to the heart of power. A member of the Kalenjin community like himself, young Ruto first led the Christian League at the University of Nairobi in 1992, then was very quickly appointed treasurer of the Kenya African National Union Youth Federation (Kanu, the party in power then) and established himself in the field.

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