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As expected, the third heat wave of summer arrived in Switzerland on Thursday. Mercury reached 38.3 degrees Thursday afternoon at the Geneva-Quintran measuring station, an annual record and an absolute record for the month of August.

The value recorded at Geneva Cointrin is a new annual record, writes SRF Meteo. It’s also an absolute record for August in Calvin City, MeteoNews identifies with the assertion that the absolute record of 39.7 degrees (July 2015) will be “too hard to hit.”

With a score of 36.7, Neuchâtel also broke the August record dating back to 2003, according to the Special Meteorological Service. Locally, low temperatures have already crossed 34 degrees at 1:30 p.m., Meteonews tweeted. This was the case, for example, at Payerne (35.3 degrees) or Delémont (34.4 degrees).

A cold night in La Brévine

The residents of La Brévine (NE) were able to take advantage of the wonderful end of the night. At 04:30, the temperature was only 6.4 degrees in this region located at an altitude of 1042 meters above sea level. By comparison, Zurich Uetliberg, at 870 meters above sea level, experienced a tropical night in which temperatures reached 22 degrees.

On Wednesday, the federation issued a level 3 out of 4 heat alert for regions south of the Alps, Valais, French-speaking Switzerland and the Basel region. The humidity of the air is also increasing, which makes the days more and more harsh. But heavy rain is still not in sight.

>> See also the explanations of Marianne Jerrod Gillard, MeteoSwiss meteorologist:

Marianne Jerrod Gillard, MeteoSwiss meteorologist, explains about the third heat wave / 7:30 pm / 1 min. Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

A summer that would touch records

According to MeteoSwiss, it already looks like summer 2022 will be one of the hottest in Switzerland since measurements began in 1864. This year has already recorded the second hottest month in June and the fourth hottest in July.

However, it is still too early to say what rank this old model will reach. The record was set by the summer of 2003.

>> Interview with Sonia Seneviratne, climate scientist and professor at ETH Zurich, on the RTSinfo Instagram page:

Possible body stress

according to’Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP), symptoms such as a high body temperature, rapid pulse, headache, confusion, or nausea may be signs of heat stress.

In the event of a heat wave, experts recommend drinking at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day and giving up alcohol. In addition, it is recommended to eat light foods, yogurt, fruits and vegetables, preferably fish rather than meat.

>> Check out the 12:45 PM report with tips for dealing with a heat wave:

On Wednesday, the thermometer recorded 36.6 degrees in Geneva, a national record.  Tips to deal with this new wave of heat waves. [RTS]

On Wednesday, the thermometer recorded 36.6 degrees in Geneva, a national record. Tips to deal with this new wave of heat waves. / 12:45 pm / 1 minute. / Thursday at 12:45

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