Women’s Euro 2022 – France: Delphine Cascarino, the shadow of doubt

I thought about it right awayWhen Gil Equim watched Delphine Cascarino arm her shot at the entrance to the surface against Italy, he was taken to Papua New Guinea. It was there, in 2016, when she wore the badge of the France U-20 team at the World Cup, which Delphine Cascarino scored one of the best goals of her career.”It was even more bizarre, starting from a corner kick played by two and practically from the corner of the penalty area, I found the opposite edge. It immediately reminded me of this goal.‘,” the former U19 and U20 coach admits.

This time, the spectacles are nothing but a rare stroke of purity, which is rewarded with the honorary title of Best Goal in the First Matches. “Saki (Sakina Qurshawi, NLDR) brings me back the ball, I see I didn’t attack, that I’m alone, so I tried my luckOn Sunday, she returned to her pawn. Take my chance? These are not instructions from the coach but I try to get to this position often“.

Euro 2022

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Sacrifice left?

This position, specifically, has nothing natural for her. The French football bombshell is a pure right winger, capable of eliminating any opponent in an acceleration. The person who has been shown at 31.2 km/h in C1 this season is a separate player, who has tremendous talent but whose left foot is still imperfect. However, it is from this side that this euro started, and they risk ending it. Choosing Corinne Deacon, who totally wanted to rely on the strength of Kadidiatou Diani on the right but also on her complicity with PSG partner Marie-Antoinette Katoto.

And yet, it is Cascarino in particular who suffers from it. If her goal against Italy came to reward an interesting activity, she would still look awkward serving pancakes from her left foot. “It’s more about choosing a team than choosing playersHis former coach thought. She needs to find signs on this side. His left foot lacks a little strength. It’s less comfortable“.opinion stuck to what Deacon said last April, convinced of the benefits of this use.”She just has to get used to it, she can choose a gesture to makeThe coach explained. This observation can finally sum up the trajectory of a player who has not yet crossed the expected target at the age of 25.

Delphine Cascarino, Italy’s top scorer

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She reminds me a bit of Kylian Mbappe

In 2016, when she was just 19, she celebrated her first pick under Olivier Chauafny’s thumb before making a comeback with the Under-20 team for the World Cup in Papua New Guinea. From an early age, Cascarino admired. Because they make crazy differences and because their flaws seem easy to erase over time.

Delphine, reminds me a bit of Kylian Mbappe, I’ve always told her! She’s a very cool player, and a future player‘, until Amal Magri in 2019 got ahead of his teammate at OL. But unlike the Parisian, Cascarino did not complete his transformation into a surface killer. His pick-up record (11 goals in 43 selections) reflects that impression well. The end.

I’m still hungryhonestly acknowledges Gil Ekim regarding the evolution of his former leader. It’s actually amazing. If we take the example of Melvine Mallard: She has made great progress in recent months, and her game has evolved. But as for Delphine, I always have the impression that I see the same player, with incredible qualities of speed and punch. But she lacks consistency, and sometimes she wonders “why didn’t she go.” She is a girl who is able to kick anyone out and at times stays inside. We have the impression that she does not dare, and does not pursue her actions. It’s really frustrating“.

Cascarino’s dolphin

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Project “Golden Ball”

Therefore, for this euro, Cascarino must change. In OL, where she won it all, her right-handed rhythm matched nicely with the game Sonia Bombastor called for. It was the latter who insisted on extending Lyonnaise once she arrived as an OL coach. This past May, it was until 2024 when she re-engaged with her club for life.

We have big personal goals with her, including winning the Ballon d’Or as quickly as possible.Then Bombasteur explained. She really has all the potential to make it happen“.”Of course I think about it. It’s a goal, so why not. OL can help me reach this level‘ I walked over to her side.

In the face of these challenges, Cascarino never hid, even calling out Eugénie Le Sommer’s goal scorer with Les Bleues (86) with envy. Before that, it will also be necessary to successfully complete a virgin international record as in the club it is a hallucinatory (the delirious repetition of the shabu) (6 C1, 7 championships, 5 French Cups). Therefore, you will have to take a step. And keep the lighting from its left side. The history of finally reconciling potential and performance?

“Geyoro, the unexpected but revealing offensive weapon of Les Bleues”

Euro 2022

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Euro 2022

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