WWE SmackDown August 5 results

Complete the WWE SmackDown results for August 5, 2022.


On the August 5, 2022 episode of WWE SmackDown, Nakamura fights for Gunther’s place, a fatal match for Liv Morgan’s place, and interrupts the confrontation between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre by returning.

recoil rebound

The show begins surprisingly with a return to the match between Pat McAfee and Happy Corbin. Indeed, it is McAfee who mocks Corbyn who beat him by drawing sketches with the pen of a sports analyst on the screen. Behind the scenes, everyone is making fun of Corbin, including Ricochet who’s back tonight and who, full of guts, offers you Corbin a match.

Ricochet defeated Happy Corbin By falling with recoil and Shooting Star Press. Unsurprisingly, Pat McAfee distracted himself to allow Ricochet to lead the match through to its conclusion. Thus, the rivalry between Corbyn and McAfee will continue.

After the game in which Pat McAfee throws a soccer ball to Ricochet who returns it to him, McAfee signs it and sends it to the audience. We are in another world.

Sami Zayn knocks on Roman Reigns’ dressing room door, but the family won’t let him in. We know Paul Heyman is out tonight after suffering a F5 from Lesnar at the commentary table at SummerSlam. Usos Zayn promises he can talk to Reigns later.

Shinsuke Nakamura challenged Gunter

Shinsuke Nakamura will meet Ludwig Kaiser in the next match. Here Nakamura fights for a place as a contender for the Intercontinental Champion title against Gunter.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Ludwig Kaiser By falling with Kinshasa after the tsar came out of the rod. Gunther tried to provoke Nakamura out of the ring but no more than that.

Next week, Nakamura will face Gunter for the Intercontinental Championship. G√ľnther should remain a hero but the match is promising.

In a behind-the-scenes interview, Kofi Kingston tells us Xavier Woods is fine and resting at home after the Viking Raiders attack last week. Kingston promises revenge anyway.

Sami Zayn is still trying to get into the Bloodline Inn and bring the Usos back. They ask him to take Paul Heyman’s place and go take care of Roman Reigns’ entry tonight. Zayn hesitantly agrees.

A competitor to Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan interviewing Kayla Braxton in the ring to discuss the “controversial” ending of her match against Ronda Rousey. As a reminder, the referee counted the pinning to three while Liv Morgan was giving in at the same time – no doubt leftovers from Vince McMahon’s idea. The ending, which in any case obviously does not please the audience at all, who despise the hero.

She says the champ takes boos and critiques, but adds that she was confident she was hit when the referee counted three. The VAR varies.

Sonya Deville interrupts Morgan to tell her she shouldn’t be a heroine anymore, the audience agrees. Sonya Deville is especially in attendance as she is the first Gauntlet Match participant to place contender for Liv Morgan’s SmackDown Champion title. Face high in the first round.

  • Sonya Deville defeated Alia by pinning with a raised elbow landing.
  • Raquel Rodriguez defeated Sonya Deville by pinning with a strong force.
  • Raquel Rodriguez Schutze was defeated by a powerful Grave.
  • Raquel Rodriguez defeated Xia Li by pinning by powerbomb.
  • Raquel Rodriguez defeated Natalia by pinning with a strong force.
  • Shayna Baszler defeated Raquel Rodriguez By falling with a roll on Rodriguez which was worn by Kerivoda Kloch that had been carried a little earlier.

Shayna Pazler competes with Liv Morgan in the WWE Clash of Champions. Victory feels good. Rodriguez also got plenty of exposure during the match, but few would be surprised to have Triple H in charge.

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Viking Raiders defeated Tommy Gibson and Jim Mulkey By pinfall with double powerbomb on Mulkey. Squash against two local workers.

After the match, Kofi Kingston came to attack the Vikings invaders with kendo sticks. Heel leaves the ring but a match was clearly announced at the last minute, facing Eric Kingston.

Kofi Kingston defeated Eric By falling with a roll up.

The good news is here: The WWE Tag Team Championship has been announced, and begins Monday at WWE Raw.

Drew McIntyre has a new enemy

Enter Roman Reigns and the Bloodline, without the wise man Paul Heyman. Reigns fully admits that they are here to bragging about their victory at SummerSlam. They also have there to talk about Brock Lesnar.

Reigns says he hates Brock Lesnar. He respects the guy, but hates Brock Lesnar for what he did to Paul Heyman. He says to send some prayers to Heyman when Drew McIntyre decides to interrupt the passage. McIntyre is impatient and not sure he can wait for Clash of Champions. He was just about to go to the ring when an unknown face arrived.

This is how Carrion Cross, Hair and Scarlett enter. Kroos didn’t waste a second and attacked Drew McIntyre before warning Roman Reigns while Scarlett set the hourglass in the ring, just like in the old days of NXT.

Huge fan reaction to Kross’ comeback as in a large part of this episode of SmackDown who had nothing to envy in an episode of WWE NXT two years ago. We don’t indulge our happiness in front of the two hours of wrestling that goes well on a Friday evening.

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